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4 Celebrity Couples Who Got Hitched On V-Day

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Brunda Rajesh
Brunda Rajesh is an avid blogger and a prolific writer who believes in following her dreams . She works as a freelance content writer, a poetess and weaves a few stories too. Catch her work on her blog space.

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This year’s Valentine’s day is groomed with blushes and love beats. As we look forward to this beautiful day, our bellies are filled with butterflies, and we cannot help but desperately await the surprises and the gifts that await us. However, apart from the gifts and the surprises, the only thing we truly desire is to spend time with our partner, not just this valentines day but for every valentines day that is to come.

Yes, yes I know; you and your partner may not have the same likes and dislikes, yet trust me, you’ll both do just fine!

Let’s skip from our lives for a while and read a little about celebrities who have found the love of their life on-screen and decided to let cupid play off-screen as well. These celebrity couples made us believe that fairy tales and rainbow promises are true after all.

The Valentines Day and its Charms On Celebrities

1.Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti

Their love is one of a kind, for there was an evident testimony of unflinching friendship that cuddled them in the warm feeling of affection for eight years.

valentines day

Cupid struck them with his arrow at a college dance function where Arshad was the handsome judge and Maria was a charming, demure, and enthusiastic contestant. That must have been a fateful day.

After eight long years of courtship they married on Valentine’s day i.e February 14th  of 1991.

They remain to be a charming, adorable couple!

2.Gautami Gadgil and Ram Kapoor

This on-screen couple of “Ghar Ek Mandir” had melted millions of hearts all over the nation, for their amazing on-screen chemistry. Ram Kapoor is a handsome hunk, social and humorous, but Gautami carried the conserved, reluctant air of a thinker with her. She was a health and diet freak and he was stalking gourmets all over the sets.

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But cupid played his charm, and he used his “Opposites-attract-arrow” and swish; it passed through the crowd, struck them, and struck them hard.

They tied the knot on February 14th 2003 and are proud parents of two adorable kids. With every passing year, we have witnessed their bond grow deeper and stronger.

3.Mandira Bedi and Raj Kaushal

Oh this director-TV actor camaraderie is always the most heard of and probably the most successful as well.


Mandira is a cute dimpled, exuberant girl with a witty attitude, while Raj is more of a creator. There is no doubt that cupid intervened between them and decided to pull the strings along to make them a beautiful couple vowed into marriage on valentines day.

They entered the sacred matrimony on February 14th 1999. Sixteen years into marriage, they love celebrating their anniversary on the lovers day!

4.Ravichandran and Sumathy

Let’s take a tour southwards to sandalwood. Ravichandran is an actor known for his creative ventures that has brought him laurels and showed him the steep sides of life. All along it was his dear wife who stood by him unflinching with a barrel full of hope and heart filled with love for the only man who entered her dreams.


Being the daughter of a famous director, she tied knots with Ravichandran, who was handsome and a popular actor of those times. They vowed to love each other with all their crusts and trust; on valentine’s day, February 14th, 1986, they tied the knot.

They are proud parents to three kids, and Sumathy, although shy, is still a beautiful woman. Her man has often praised her for daunting love all through the years.

These are the four adorable couples who are still together after vowing on the special day. We wish them many more years of love and joy!


About the author

Brunda Rajesh is an avid blogger and a prolific writer who believes in following her dreams .
She works as a freelance content writer, a poetess and weaves a few stories too.
Catch her work on her blog space.

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