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Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Whether you’ve been trying to get pregnant for many years and thought it would never happen, or have recently started and can’t believe your luck in falling pregnant straight away, it’s always nice to surprise friends and family with your baby news. If you’re looking for some ideas for how to do this creatively and memorably, read on.

Throw a Big Party

Do you enjoy hosting parties with all your nearest and dearest family members and friends in attendance? If so, you could throw a big event to bring everyone together and share your pregnancy news there. Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, or some other occasion or theme, setting up a fun event where everyone you care about is in the one spot gives you a way to let them all know at once that you’re expecting. 

Consider catering the event to make things easier on you, and perhaps share your good news by giving a toast to the new family member you’ll have one day soon. You might like to go all out by arranging to have fireworks at the party, too. Some roman candles, mortars, cakes, rockets, and other products will grab everyone’s attention right away and make for an incredibly memorable night. 

Get Some Special Tees Made Up

Another fun way to let people in on the secret that you will be a parent soon is to have some special tees designed. Hand out shirts to the grandparents-to-be, aunties, uncles, siblings, friends, and the like that relate to their position in the child’s life or that show a photo of the baby from a sonogram, etc. Wrapping up these tees and handing them out for people to connect the dots when they see the details prolongs the anticipation and helps everyone feel included in your exciting news. 

Create Your Own Movie Poster

Are you or your partner a huge film lover and always pay attention to movie posters? If so, how about creating your own design that mentions a new “cast member” who’s “coming soon” with the baby’s due date. You could develop a newborn-related tagline and put a photo of you and your partner front and center that aligns with the types of images often used on official movie posters. Display the artwork in your home or office and see how quickly the people in your life take notice and put two and two together. 

Write Your Good News on Baked Goods

Another way to personalize things is to have the news of your child’s impending arrival written on a cake, a giant cookie, or other baked goods. Next time you’re hosting a dinner or other event for your family or a group of friends, etc., you can bring out the cake and enjoy watching the look of surprise on everyone’s face when they notice the design you chose for the dessert. 

Get a Jigsaw Puzzle Made Up

If you like the idea of making people work a little bit to find out the exciting news that’s happening in your life, consider utilizing a jigsaw puzzle. You can use online services and other businesses to design your own picture or message and have it turned into a puzzle. Recipients of such a gift are sure to be intrigued and work quickly to put the puzzle together so they can work out the message you’re trying to communicate. Just make sure you don’t go for a product with too many pieces, or you might have to wait many hours or even days for your loved ones to discover the news! 

Order Some Personalized Wine Bottles

Ladies may not be able to drink alcohol while pregnant, but this doesn’t mean that expectant mothers and their partners can’t commemorate the exciting baby news with a personalized bottle of wine. Have labels made up that showcase the fact that you will soon have a little one to take care of. Many people will treasure this kind of gift as it’s practical and can be kept as a special keepsake. 

Set Up a Creative Photoshoot

There are also many creative things you can do with photographs to reveal your baby news. For example, you could dress up your dog in a baby’s outfit or have them sit next to a board with the pregnancy mentioned on it, or have pictures of you and your partner taken that showcase the baby bump or a pair of children’s booties or some other hint. If you already have children, you could get them involved in the photo shoot, too. 

These are just a few of the ways you might like to announce your pregnancy in your family and social circles. However, the options are as unlimited as your imagination, so be open to seeing what you think of and be as subdued or over-the-top with your reveal as you like. 

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