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Fun Things To Do At Indian Rocks Beach

Indian rocks beach
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Are you sitting at home in the summer, getting bored and thinking, “I wish I were at a beach!”? I say, why to wish that when you can plan an amazing trip to the Indian rocks beach. The Indian rocks beach is a beautiful city located in Florida, USA, and is one of the access points along gulf boulevard.

This place lies between the Gulf of Mexico and the Intracoastal waterway having over 2 miles of beach along the Gulf of Mexico. Indian rocks beach has almost 26 beach access points one.

So, before visiting the place, one should definitely plan for it and know all the fun things to do there.

Spend Your Time At The Indian Rocks Beach!

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1. Spend The Day Relaxing On The Beach

Thinking of a vacation, we all want to relax, don’t we? And what is better than spending the whole day on the beach just lazing around, playing around in the waves?

Laying down by the shore and listening to the soothing sound of the waves is a perfect way of easing your mind while visiting the Indian rocks beach.

The soft white sand and the calm waters tend to attract a more relaxing crowd while also being the perfect spot for meeting aquatic wildlife like dolphins. You often encounter dolphins and manatees while swimming here.

Relaxing is only complete with good food. There are quite many cafes and hubs where you can grab a bite when hunger strikes.

One of the most famous places is the ‘Kooky coconut cafe and ice cream.’ This place offers a cozy beach vibe along with delicious food such as tacos, sandwiches, and more.

But as the name suggests, it is most well known for its authentic homemade ice cream, which comes in many different flavors and is your best friend during the hot weather. This makes it a must-visit place at the Indian rocks beach.

2. Have Fun At The Splash Harbour Water Park

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Splash Harbour Water Park, which is located here, is the most fun and adventurous place for adults and kids. Offering huge plunge slides, you indulge in so much fun that you lose track of time.

This park also offers many kiddie slides and different activities such as rain dance and more for all the little ones who love to be around water. This makes it a fun family place.

There are different restaurants and shacks in this place too providing fuel for you and your family.

It is located on the Harbourside marker 33 hotel premises and is a very delightful place to be at the Indian rocks beach.

3. Visit The Indian Rocks Historical Museum And Learn About Their Life

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The Indian rocks historical museum gives you knowledge about the heritage and all the stories of this place. You can walk around this museum, learning about the monuments and artifacts present.

This museum uses an app that narrates to you and takes you on a tour of the entire place. This is very helpful if you want to travel solo at your own pace.

It takes you back to the 1500s when the people first came to the Indian rocks beach city. These early settlers started their life here with agriculture and created the longest spot for fishing.

The museum also organizes different fundraisers to make people more aware of the heritage and tradition of the Indian rocks beach.

So, the Indian rocks historical museum is the best spot to learn about the local life there.

4. Explore The Seaside Bird Sanctuary

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This sanctuary located in the city of Indian rocks beach is a part of one of the most amazing things to do here. The sanctuary’s main aim is to treat and take care of injured and unwell birds and then release them back into the wild when they are ready.

You can walk around this place spotting different kinds of birds such as Blue Jays, White Pelicans, Vultures, Owls, and many more. Sometimes you can also spot few wild birds passing through the place.

The birds who are permanently disabled are given a caring home to live instead of releasing them into the wild as they cannot take care of themselves much.

The most beautiful part of this sanctuary is the observation tower from where you can see the entire gulf making it a photogenic place with a breathtaking view.

5. Rent A Boat

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IRB rentals are the most well-known rentals at the Indian rocks beach. You can rent a fishing boat, a party boat, or any other kind of boat for the given hours and explore the waters.

Renting a boat and partying with your friends surrounding by water is a great way to go.

So, a few hours out of your schedule to chill around on a boat sums up a perfect vacation while visiting the Indian rocks beach.

6. Become A Kid Again At The Kolb Park

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Kolb Park is not like any other ordinary park. It includes stuff like skateboard parks, bike tracks, playgrounds, trampoline parks, and so much more.

This park invites all age groups to forget all their stress and have fun in different parts of the park.

From having a peaceful walk, to bike jumping racks, Kolb Park is one of the happiest places at the Indian rocks beach for kids and adults.

7. Walk Around The Trail At The Indian Rocks Nature Preserve

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There is a beautiful natural preserve in the Indian rocks beach city that can be crossed through a boardwalk trail. You can stroll along this trail while enjoying nature; walking through this takes you past a beautiful forest where you can see the natural fauna and flora of Florida.

As there is not a lot of crowd on this preserve, you can spot many exotic birds while walking.

When you cross the trail, you enter a nice little dog park where you can spend your time before making your way back. It is a perfect break in nature which makes you feel happy.

This boardwalk trail is very near to the Indiana rocks beach.

8. Yoga On The Beach

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For many people, relaxation means doing yoga. Yoga is definitely one of the best forms of exercise which help you relax your body. It stretches your muscles and keeps your mind at peace.

Can you imagine doing yoga while listening to the calm noise of the waves hitting the shores? Yes, the Indian rocks beach has yoga groups on Beach.

So you can definitely jump in with one of these groups and relax your mind while doing yoga on the Beach.

9. Go Fishing

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The Indian rocks beach is very famous or can say well known for its spot of fishing, which is very long. In this case, the ‘simply hooked fishing charters’ is the most famous company which takes tourists to go fishing.

Fishing goes on all around the year, but the fishes you catch are different from the different seasons. The most astonishing type of fishing is shark fishing which is generally carried out in September or October. The blackfin tuna is found mostly during the fall.

This company has boats to accommodate a small number of people and larger parties, and they also make multiple boat trips. This sport requires patience but is probably one of the most fun things to do with your family at the Indian rocks beach.

10. Beach Art Center – Reach Out To The Artist In You!

The beach Art Centre is basically an art school which is located at Indian rocks beach since 1978. You can visit the center to look at all the wonderful art done there.

This art center also offers workshops to enroll yourself into and flaunt your artistic side or even learn a few brush strokes.

More About The Indian Rocks Beach!

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The Indian Rocks Beach is a low-key community with less crowded and peaceful beaches on the barrier island known as Sand Key. This place is just a short drive from the St. Petersburg area but is still isolated from all the city noise and crowd, making it more attractive.

This town was named the Indian rocks beach when a native medicine man used a natural sulfur spring to heal miraculously, located in Kolb Park. This happened while the early settlers were settling in.

You can learn more about this while visiting the IRB historical museum.

Across Kolb park is the city hall, which manages the administration of this city. So it is suggested that one should please call the city hall if facing any issues.

The Indian rocks beach, which was then just a place for fishing and agriculture, is now a big tourist attraction with beaches, parks, and a sanctuary.

Just reading about it makes you want to visit the place, right? The fun, the calm, the craziness, all in one place!

Find your perfect time to plan a vacation and visit Indian Rocks Beach to have a wonderful and memorable time.



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