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Fun things to do in Canada

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Those of us who are not native to the north of the American continent, seldom realize how vast of a place Canada is. Being the second-largest country by land area in the world, there are a lot of fun things to do in Canada for everyone. And this is precisely what makes this list so hard to make.

Additionally, the two fun things in two different cities, for instance, Vancouver and Montreal are a short 12-hour plane ride from each other. Not to mention that an east-bound flight would push you 18 hours into the future because of the time zones. For such a vast country, it is expected that Canada has many remote places. 

Thankfully, everything is connected digitally nowadays. Even remote locations can have access to the Internet, so visiting your social media accounts, checking work emails or entertaining yourself with an online casinos like this one shouldn’t be a problem. Such options might be ideal for those who want both to relax and to have fun at the same time.

Before you start searching for your destination, there are three questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you an indoors or an outdoors person?
  2. Will you be traveling alone or in a group?
  3. Are you looking for relaxation or excitement?

Canada can offer all sorts of fun, but what might be the best time of their life for one person can be torture for another. This is why deciding where to go in advance is paramount.

For those who prefer urban experiences, there are even more options. The majority of Canadians live around the Great Lakes region and there are clubs, bars, and music venues all around Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec.

Spring – Moraine Lake

This is a glacial lake in Alberta and is mostly a destination location as the closest location to the lakes is Calgary and traveling around will be quite time-consuming. But, for those who love nature, this will be an unforgettable experience.

Although here it is slightly chilly even in the spring, finding a cozy place to stay can be ideal not only for nature-lovers but for lover-lovers as well as the scenery both by day and by night is stunning.

Summer – Royal Ontario Museum

One would imagine that during the summer it would be better to frequent some beaches, but when it comes to Canada this might be a much better time to see all of the cultural and historic places that might be deserted with a lot of people going southward on holiday.

The Royal Ontario Museum is not only a great place to run from the heat but has a collection of more than 6 million items and multiple exhibitions that cover everything from ancient history to the modern age.

Autumn – CN Tower

Fall in Toronto is by far the best time to experience the city’s vibrant party scene and the diversity of cultures, people, and cuisines that this place has to offer. Unlike the summer and winter when Canadians slow down a bit, autumn is the time to go wild.

And, the representation of that would be going up the CN Tower to 553.3 meters and seeing the entire city. From here, you can plan which clubs, bars, and restaurants you want to visit.

Winter – Fairmont Banff Springs

For over a century the Fairmont Banff hotel presides over the Banff, Alberta pine forests. Especially on cold winter nights, this place looks like something from a fairy tale. It is a national historic site and can be your base if you would want to experience this part of Canada in the winter.

And, with the spas and luxuries inside, you can relax from all the hiking and sightseeing with your significant other or family.

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