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Funny Essay on Best Friend Of My Life

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Ever thought of writing a funny essay on best friend of your life? Here, meet mine.

Strange, how we are never born alone. One single birth gives rise to enormous numbers of relationships. Someone becomes a mother, a father, grand-parent, annoying brother, patience-testing sister, uncle – aunt, and whatnot. The only relation that does not come with your birth is friendship, yet I am writing a funny essay on best friend.

Funny essay on best friend
Funny essay on best friend

My Birth

I was born with a vast background, with a huge joint family. I have a good collection of the oral history of my childhood days. These stories are like a time machine that takes me back to the good old childhood days. These stories include many people, with me being the protagonist for most of the parts.

And the Story Continues…

Now I am Twenty, and I never knew one day I would be writing a funny essay on best friend, someone whom I did not meet until I was seventeen. This is the second strangest thing to happen with me.

Funny Essay on Best Friend Of My Life 1
Funny essay on best friend

I never knew this not because I never had friends or I was the loner kid at school who would eat all his candies alone sitting at the corner seat, no. I never knew this because this person- ‘THE BEST FRIEND,’ the sole of this essay on, funny article on best friend, I never knew this person until my high school.

I was more like a rolling stone before meeting the protagonist of this funny essay on best friend. I met this person for the very first time when I was in my eleventh standard. I have had many friends before that, but none could pass for a funny essay on best friend.

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Someone obscure, rude, and has opposite taste than me in almost everything, this is how I remember I perceived her to be for the initial days of our encounter in eleventh class. Writing down a funny essay on best friend and including her is the second strangest thing that I am doing, first remains that she is my best friend for almost more than three years now.

Funny Essay on Best Friend Of My Life 2
Funny essay on best friend

You know how people say “old is gold” well, that’s not the case with best friends. You can be friends with a person from Adam’s and still write a funny essay on best friend on someone whom you just met in a metro while sharing a seat, chemistry lab while exploring your test tube, coffee shops, or trail rooms. They come to your life like a blessing out of nowhere and stick around you even when you wish they were not(especially when you are around your crush).

Well, I met this girl in classroom punishment. It was the middle of July, the monsoon season, and the classes were at full swing. Our physics class was over now, and the students were supposed to change classrooms for their optional subjects. Physical education was mine. While I was passing by the hallway, I saw the bunch of girls that I never liked standing in the middle of my way. Now, I was in no mood to take any pain that day, so I decided to take a long route to the physical education class.

It was raining heavily, and my shoes got all wet, my clothes were clumsy, and I could not resist going to the restroom to set myself before entering the class. It took me ten whole minutes (that is too much if you are in a school) to get back on track for the course. I was supposed to enter by 9:15, and now, obviously, I was late.

Funny Essay on Best Friend Of My Life 3
Funny essay on best friend

When I reached the entrance of the class, the room was already full. The teacher passed a gaze of disdain towards me and told me to stand near the wall facing the entire class.

It was very embarrassing for me to interrupt in between to justify my reason for my delay in the class. I silently stood near the wall, having no clue what to do or which wall to stare at. I kept my eyes on the ground. I was very much embarrassed to utter a word. But, I was not alone, right after me, a girl entered the class and without even asking from the teacher she came and stood right beside me.

I passed her a little gaze; she was engaged with her nail color, which, by the way, was not allowed in our school. It was funny to see her so self-employed without giving any attention to the teacher or the class that had forty-six boys (more weird is that I still remember the accurate number of boys in our class). 

Funny Essay on Best Friend Of My Life 4
Funny essay on best friend

We both stood near the wall without uttering a word to each other for the entire period of forty-five minutes. After the class was over, our teacher told us to accompany her to the staff room, which I knew was not a very good idea. We were about to get into trouble now. We both reached there; the teacher told us to give our parents contact numbers to her.

I started to cry (not cry, I pretended), and another girl, the one who is playing the role of my best friend in a funny essay about my best friend, stood there without any expression of fear until she saw me crying. She whispered to me in my ear to pinch her hard on her waist so that she could cry. I was taken aback for the moment; I never heard anyone doing that before.

She was still staring at me, which confirmed that she was not joking. She wanted me to pinch her to tears. I burst into laughter after that; I had no control over my emotions. I was laughing and crying at the same time, and of course,e, a call was made to our parents that day.

That was the first time we got into conversation. Ever since that day, she has been the Rachel to my Monica (cast members of the tv show Friends). Not only a funny essay on best friend, but I can also write an entire epic on our bond now. For a very little time, people even thought that maybe we were gay lovers. That is because she got a tattoo on her back and was super excited to show that to me.

Funny Essay on Best Friend Of My Life 5
Funny essay on best friend

We were in the school, and the only place where she could put off her shirt was in the girl’s restroom. We went in there and locked the door of the bathroom to make it more comfortable for her. Although the tattoo was right now, the news of we being the gay lover was very much on fire. It was not the last time when we were in the same restroom.

There were times when I got drunk terrible, and she would take me to the restrooms to clean up the mess and control my weird fetish of puking on people’s shoes. I always got her back.

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One beautiful day, I was on my way to college like any other mundane weekday of my life. I was reading notes from African literature I had my test that day. I also remember that the night before that, I was up till two at night working on my African novel, an assignment that had a deadline of the next day. My phone vibrated in the back pocket of my boyfriend fit jeans, which was my absolute favorite back then.

Funny Essay on Best Friend Of My Life 6
Funny essay on best friend

I took the phone and found thirteen unread messages and four missed calls from the name “till,” that was Prerna. She usually never called me that early in the morning, she was never up that early in the morning. I answered the call at her fifth attempt. She sounded serious, her voice was shaky, and her exact words were “Meet me at 10:00, at the central market”…beep-beep-beep, and then the phone machine answered that the phone was switched off.

I was never allowed to call her mother, her sister, or her brother; I had all their numbers, though. She blocked each of her family members from my phone because she made endless stupid stories about me whenever she went out with her boyfriend.

Her family now knows that my cat died, and I was in depression after that for months, but actually, I never had a cat. Eventually, she has this heart-shaped frame in her bedroom, which again does not belong to me, but her family by now doubts that I am her lesbian lover.

Funny Essay on Best Friend Of My Life 7
Funny essay on best friend

Now this early in the morning a sloth calls me with this serious of a tone, what was I supposed to do? I had no hint. Now, if it were any other person calling me, I would be okay. But no, this was Prerna, last time she called me early in the morning it was when she bought a hamster in her bag pack and told me this was my birthday gift.

She very well knows I cannot stand those tiny white creatures, but she loves them, and her family does not want to adopt another pet after already petting her. Now that white creature, meatball, stay at my place but loves Prerna more than me.

This day I knew something weird was about to happen. I made a call to my college friend and told her to submit my assignment and to look after my proxy as well. Then pushing away the entire bunch of people who were standing around me, we are all packed like potatoes in a potato sack every day during the morning hours.

I rushed to change my metro line. Like a vagabond, I reached our spot, where I could only see the newspaper distributors and a milk van and some squirrels around me. I slipped inside a dome and sat there until she showed up.

Funny Essay on Best Friend Of My Life 8
Funny essay on best friend

Yes, this time was weird again. I could see her bangs from a distance, which made her face look like pineapple for some reason. She came and silently slipped beside me. It’s always comforting to sit quietly around her. We both take a break after every month or two to spend some good time together and bitch about all the people we hate. It was again the same time of the month.

But, we usually had plans, about where would we go and what all to do, we were blank that day. It was an immediate plan; none of us had enough cash to go for a movie or a decent place to grab some food. We spent two hours in the central marker playing eye game with every annoying couple around us just to hijack the most comfortable spot for us.

Finally, I had to call my sister and please her to let us join the party she was attending that day. It was her best friend’s birthday. She did not allow us initially, but then Prerna somehow convinced her. 

Funny Essay on Best Friend Of My Life 9
Funny essay on best friend

We finally got an invitation to my sister’s best friend’s birthday party. After all the unfortunate incidents we had that day now was the worst, it started to rain out of nowhere, so we took a cab to the club. The taxi got stuck in the traffic jam terrible, we decided to take a walk to the club, and it was nearly one kilometer away now. Prerna got down before me, and covered her head with her bag and told me to do the same.

We stood under a shed for a minute or two, waiting for the rain to slow down before she geared up all her energy and told me to follow her. Before I could say anything, she was already ten steps ahead of me, running in the rain with her trousers rolled up, and her shoes drained in the water.

She did not even bother to pause and turn back to see if I am following her. Meanwhile, I stood under the shed and saw her running in the rain like a hippy who is ready to fight for the change. I could not control my laughter seeing her that enthusiastic for an uninvited birthday party. There I knew I someday I would be writing about this incident in a funny essay on best friend.

Funny Essay on Best Friend Of My Life 10
Funny essay on best friend

We reached the club, and honestly, it was better when we were starving in the central park with all the heat and no food because the water already ruined our dresses so severely that I did not want to enter any club after that. Prerna’s spirit was unstoppable.

We entered the club I spotted my sister, and even before I could introduce Prerna to my sister’s friends, that hippy went ahead and hugged the first girl she saw standing next to my sister and flooded her with all the birthday wishes and songs she has ever received in her entire life. This is one thing I just can not miss while writing a funny essay on best friend.

Now, of course, that was a wrong girl; I stood there, keeping my head down trying to control my tears and my laughter while my sister introduced her to the birthday girl.

Funny Essay on Best Friend Of My Life 11
Funny essay on best friend

Now it was already embarrassing for her, so I changed the topic and asked everyone for a dance. No one from the birthday girl side seemed as much excited as Prerna. A few minutes later, we were the only two people on the DJ with the weirdest possible moves.

Funny Essay on Best Friend Of My Life 12
Funny essay on best friend

We were so weird that my sister had to request me to go. So we went, but the weather was clear now. We sat in a deer park near the club with a cup of tee and talked and pitched for hours. It was the day worth living. Writing a funny essay on best friend and not including this day is inevitable to me.

Do you have a person who you just could smack on the face but would break the legs of anyone else who even dares to say something upsetting? Write your funny essay on best friend in the comments below. 

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