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General Habits of Couples That End Relationship

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Did you know that over 50% of marriages in the U.S. end up in a divorce?

How cherishing and pleasing it is to spend time with your partners. Despite dealing with daily stress, it’s your partner’s hug and talks that soothe your ears and brightens your dull day. But there are a few things that might shatter your ideal relationship.

These things are nothing but your habits, your habits that are your enemy. If you have any of the following habits, either change them or control them, before it’s too late:



Initial Stages of a Relationship are Different

When your relationship is at its initial stage, its normal and obvious that you’ll devote most of your time to your partner. You will love spending hours hanging around or having a conversation with him or her. But after a few months, you might not be able to spend as much time as you used to before. You may even start ignoring him or her. This will create differences between the two of you.

Learn to Talk out the Issues 

When you feel that there are certain things that are ruining your relationship, don’t avoid them. Talk to your partner immediately. A silent day gives an invitation to quarrels and misunderstandings.

Learn to be a straightforward person.

If you feel that your partner is wrong somewhere, or you don’t like his or her few actions, confront him or her at once, instead of back bitching about him or her.

  • Don’t let your partner discover that you’re talking about him or her from a third person
  • Instead, address the issue before
  • If you do not, it gives rise to the lack of trust and hurts your partner immensely.                                                                

images (1)Don’t ever be submissive to your partner.

If you’ll do so, your partner will take you lightly and may become dominating towards you. Learn to speak for yourself and immediately stop him or her if he or she is too dominating towards you.

A relationship is like a plant. If you’ll take perfect care of it and serve it well, it will bear sweet fruits. Your relationship is in your hands. It’s you who can make it as unbreakable as a concrete wall. So either save your relationship or break your relationship. It all depends entirely on you.

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