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Trying to Get Rid of Beer Breath? Here’s How in 8 Easy Steps!

get rid of beer breath

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Here’s how you can get rid of beer breath effectively!

Do you try hard to get rid of beer breath, but you somehow always fail? Do you always get caught with a foul-smelling mouth whenever you come home late? Fear not! This compiled list of 8 easy steps you can follow to get rid of beer breath effectively!

Trying to Get Rid of Beer Breath? Here’s How in 8 Easy Steps!

1. Eat Before You Start Drinking

Drinking on an empty stomach not only makes you sick, but it also increases the smell that comes from your mouth as you drink, thus making it difficult for you to get rid of beer breath.

The food that you consumed beforehand ends up absorbing a lot of the beer that you drink, while also increasing the production of saliva. This helps to cope up with the lack of water in your body and, in turn, keeps your breath in check. There are plenty of reasons for you to avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

2. Snack and Hydrate Yourself

While drinking, it is essential to munch on snacks like peanuts, popcorns, or other fast foods. Snacking will increase the production of saliva in your mouth and thus help you to get rid of beer breath. Bars and other eateries where you can drink will often provide a lot of finger food options so that their customers do not get sick and throw up from over-drinking.

Also, you should drink a lot of water to make up for all the dehydration that the beer will cause. A dry mouth is a perfect place for bacteria to start multiplying rapidly and create a stinky environment for your mouth.

3. Eat Highly Aromatic Foods

Strong aromatic foods like red onion or garlic can help you get rid of beer breath pretty effectively. Red onion and garlic have a powerful aroma, and they stay on your breath for a long time; hence, they can cover up your foul beer breath easily.

You can eat foods that include red onion and garlic after drinking. A lot of bars and other eateries where you can drink will offer foods that contain onion and garlic. Eating foods infused with a lot of garlic, such as fried garlic coated with spices and garlic bread, are known to help. Include a few slices of red onion in your burger, salad, or sandwich whichever you choose.

If you are in haste, you can eat the red onion or garlic in its raw form. It is sour to the taste, and it will give your mouth a very pungent smell but will get rid of the beer breath effectively.

4. Drink Black Coffee

Drinking black coffee will not only help you get rid of beer breath but also help you with the hangover. Coffee is pretty aromatic on its own, thus masking the beer breath effectively. Swirl the coffee in your mouth for a few moments before swallowing it.

This method is useful only if you drink pure black coffee. Any additives like cream or sugar will compromise the effectiveness of the coffee. Robust and bitter coffee might not be for everyone, but it is effective in getting rid of that alcohol breath

5. Chew Gum

This is one of the most easiest methods to get rid of beer breath. Chewing mint-flavored gum will mask the smell of beer pretty effectively and give your mouth a cool, fresh feel. Chewing will help your mouth to produce even more saliva, which will create an unfavorable environment for the stench of alcohol to thrive. Chewing savory flavored gums have proven to be more effective as they cause excess salivation.

6. Brush your teeth

As soon as you get home, rush to your sink and brush the heck out of your teeth (well, gently, of course.) Use a strong-smelling toothpaste, preferably menthol, to help you mask the smell of the beer. Brush your teeth for some 2/3 more minutes than you would usually do. This will ensure that the food particles stuck in the crevices of your teeth, which have absorbed all the beer stench will be cleansed thoroughly.

Don’t forget to floss all the persistent food bits from your mouth. Focus on cleaning your tongue as well. Rinse multiple times to make sure that your teeth are squeaky clean

7. Use a Mouthwash

The objective of most mouthwashes are to get rid of bad breath (in our case, get rid of beer breath.) Use a good peppermint or spearmint flavored mouthwash after brushing your teeth, which will further mask the beer breath.

Gargle and rinse with mouthwash for the specified amount of time, as mentioned on the package (usually not more than 30 seconds) thoroughly before spitting it out to ensure that there is no more foul smell, thus helping to get rid of beer breath.

8. Shower

Your body will try to do away with the beer in any way possible. It will try to get through the blood and escape the body through sweat. So your mouth isn’t the only organ that is stinky because of all the beer that you consumed. Your clothes and your body will also start to smell like beer because all that beer seeps through your pores. So, as soon as you arrive home, soak the beer smelling in warm soapy water. Get into the shower and use a good, strong scented soap, shampoo and conditioner and wash away the stench of the beer.

Your body will keep on excreting all the beer that you consumed through sweat overnight. It will also create a favorable environment in your mouth for the harmful bacteria to multiply and enhance the existing beer breath. Brushing your teeth and getting a thorough shower the next morning is equally important here.

If you follow all the steps meticulously, there is absolutely no way that your mouth or your body will still smell like beer. S0 go ahead, enjoy that beer with your friends because now you know how to cover up your tracks. Always be mindful while drinking because the more you drink, the more prominent is your beer breath going to be.

Over to you!

Did you try some of these or all of these steps, and were they helpful? Are there any more ways to get rid of beer breath? Let me know all about it in the comments!

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