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Goa Trip for College students: How To Plan an Awesome trip


‘Goa Trip for college students’ sounds like a farfetched dream to most of the teenagers and young adults. Most of them never happen but don’t worry! We have your back! Here’s how you can make it happen!

You aren’t a cool young lad if you haven’t visited Goa with your friends in your college life. Goa trip is a must for every Indian College going student. Well, there’s some nicely packaged pressure on you to plan a trip and make it happen, cause let’s face it, all your friends are lazy and you must step up.

Here’s the thing, Goa trip for college students is indeed worth the hype and the sweat. You’ve seen it on the big screen (Don’t you just envy that Dil Chahta Hai Goa sequence), You’ve seen it on TV. Well, we are here to help you to, Make It Happen. 

Goa Trip for College students

1. How to Plan

First things first, you need a gang. Let me phrase it like this, you need people with whom you want to create lifetime memories. Convince your friends and sign a blood pact that no one would back out at the end (Yeah, all friends are alike, so applicable to all). The catch here is, ‘The More, The Merrier’. It will be more fun to have more onboard but also all bills will be split into more.


The most difficult part of the Goa trip for college students is when it comes to how ‘To convince your parents’. This is the tricky bit. Since you know them so well, it’s up to you to speak the right words in front of them. Some of the Keywords you can use, ‘I have never asked anything from you, just this one’, ‘I really want some time off and have some fun’. Just don’t overdo it. Be casual and straight to the point. 

2. How to Reach the destination

You can’t just take a Mercedes Convertible Car and drive off to Goa and race with a train with theme track playing in the background. No, it isn’t a Bollywood Movie. A lot more has to be planned and done for a Goa trip for students. Let’s go over it, shall we?


 Here the tracks sort of diverge for everyone. You can either go for a luxury tour or you can save some money. Ok so, rich people – simple; take a flight to Goa. For others, there’s a train. Book a sleeper coach, take out a blanket, spread it nicely, and start the long and fun card game session. Trains can be quite cheap and you can save a lot of money here. ‘Madgaon’ & ‘Vasco Da Gama’ are the major stations of the state. A direct train will be most convenient; otherwise, you can change your train from Mumbai.

We, certainly, can’t stop the Traveler in you to take a road trip from far away, everything’s fun with nice people. A road trip is also a viable option, given you live near Goa. Book tickets in advance to avoid the last moment of panic.

Sleeper buses also can turn out into comfortable ride. 

3. How to plan the stay

If the group is large enough you can book a villa. It sounds expensive but with a large group, the per head share will be quite affordable, almost similar to a hotel. If you want to blend in and have a one of a kind experience, we recommend the traveler hostels. Sleep in bunk beds, talk to stranger tourists and know about their lives. It’s really fun and affordable too.

Google is your best friend at finding accommodation places. We suggest taking your time, considering everyone’s opinion and book what suits you the best. There’s also an option of homestays. Anyway, you’ll be spending most of your days, and nights, out so it doesn’t matter that much. Save money here too.

Make sure your Uber app is updated when you get out for an outing and look for the cheapest one between ola, uber, or the local rickshaws. No. Stop here. Rent a two-wheeler. It’s cheap. Go wherever you want, whenever you want. It’s the best way to get around goa. Ask your hostel/hotel guy and get it arranged. There. That’s how Goa trip for college students can be done.

4. The best part of the trip

Now it’s time for ‘Fantastic Beaches and Where To Find Them’. Quite literally. Enjoy the happening beaches. Dance with random people. Smash a beach volleyball hard. Complain about how this beach is not that clean. Grab your DSLR person and click great photos. Here too you can either go for the happening beaches or go for the quiet ones.

Most importantly, cheap beer. Grab a beer, Soft drink for the odd one out of the group, and just enjoy. Go for water sports if you can. They are expensive, sure, but one should make the best of the opportunity. Negative. Go for a walk and feel good.

Where’s the party tonight? Party all night. No really. Go to some of the country’s finest night clubs. Get drunk with your friends (Alcohol Consumption is Injurious to your health by the way) and dance. This bit will be the highlight of your trip. Leave your character, let the nice guy/girl go, and just enjoy yourself. 


5. Places to visit

Explore the Portuguese influenced city by the scooter you rented. Drive around the city and just observe. Go to some of the famous churches of Goa. Get to know its history. Go to the flea markets to Shop. Buy souvenirs and also the fridge magnet, that’s the most important. Remember there’s no bondage, no limits, and no one to judge you. Don’t forget to try the exquisite Goan & Konkani food. Exploration isn’t complete until you try the local specialties. Go and visit some nearby places like the Dudhsagar falls. 

Goa trip for college students; myth or reality?

It’s up to you to make it happen. It will take some planning and efforts but mind you, this trip will surely live up to its expectation. Whatever we said in the intro was all true. Your life isn’t complete without a goa trip. Google up, convince everyone, board the train and make memories thereafter. I liked the fantastic beach and where to find them. Use this article on the Goa trip for college students to motivate you to go on the best trip of your college life.

All the beach for your trip!

Comment your views on ‘Goa trip for college students’. If you have already been on a Goa trip with your buddies, then share your stories with us! If you have some tips to share do let us know in the comment section.



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