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Golden Rules of a Relationship


Relationships are the blessings of God. A relationship gives us the joy that we are incomplete without. It feels the emptiness in our lives. A person’s special presence brightens our entire day. When we hug our beloved partners, we feel like we’re in heaven, and all our worries pass away, ultimately reducing our daily anxiety. The Cupid arrows influence all the love birds and bring them closer and closer to each other. Although ideal relationships are built with mainly intense love, we must always follow a few rules of relationship to safeguard and preserve the true colors of the couples lives.

Here are a few golden rules one must not forget or follow when he or she is in a  relationship:

  • Say no to all the ex in your relationship– When you are in a relationship, you try all things to preserve it. But somewhere you get disturbed if your soulmate continues to meet his or her ex again and again. The presence of his or her ex somewhere interferes in your strong bond with your soulmate. Therefore you must suggest your partner to maintain a long space or an infinite space between his or her ex and he or her. Make sure that you don’t get in touch with your ex after instructing your soulmate to do so.
  • Keep in touch with your friends- It often happens that when you are stuck in a relationship bond, you avoid your friends’ company. You refuse to hang around with them just to spend blissful moments with your partners. Don’t do that. Never forget that your friends were with you when you had no one by your side. So always give time to your friends too.
  • Don’t make false commitments- Only commit or make promises when you know that you’ll be able to achieve the same. Showing off before your lover or trying to create an impression might disturb your relationship permanently.

  • Sort out things yourself- There are certain people who like breaking relationships of others due to their envious nature. Therefore, even if you had a rough day or quarrel with your partner, make sure you sort out things among yourselves rather than trusting a third person or involving the third person into your personal matters.
  • Avoid comparisons- People hate it when they are compared to others. So will your soulmates, if you compare them to other girls or guys. Be content with whom you are and the way they are. Don’t change them.

  • Be sure you’re with the right one- Before committing to someone, make sure he or she is the right person of your life. If he or she is the correct one, then you won’t fall in love with anyone else. If not, then break the bond rather than being artificial or cheating him or her.


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