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Snowboarding for Beginners: 10 Important Tips

a beginner snowboarding in Mammoth Mountain, California, USA
Photo By Florian Forster. Flickr. Copyright 2021

Snowboarding is an activity or a sport of moving over snow using a snowboard. It is easy and fun to learn to snowboard if you have patience and zeal for it. Every experienced player started somewhere. To master snowboarding perfectly, one should have a lot of practice, training, and the most important one, patience. In this article, you will get many tips on snowboarding for beginners so that when you hit the mountain, you are already a step ahead.

Photo By bigbirdz. Flickr. Copyright 2021

Tips for Snowboarding for Beginners

1. The Right Board

When we visit a Snowboard shop, there are a lot of different boards for a reason. This is because different snowboards ride differently. As a beginner, you should have a board with a rocker camber. Rocker makes the board more catch-free. Camber is to help the edge dig while taking turns. Altogether Rocker Camber is good for learning to turn while skateboarding as it makes you less prone to catching on edges.

There are many types of boards available in rocker camber like freestyle which will good in the parks, freeride which can be taken to the top of a mountain, etc. I have collated a list of the best skateboard brands that you can choose to kickstart your skateboarding.

2. The Proper Gear

The wrong gear can land you in danger. It is really important to make your feet comfortable while stepping in the snow to snowboard. Boot fit is a crucial part of your gear. Also, one should have the right clothing, like if you wear too warm clothes, you will fog your goggles while cotton clothes will get soaked in sweat and make you cold. Choose synthetic materials like merino wool or polyester, which are perfect for trapping up some heat and letting the skin breathe. Also, make sure to pick the right goggles, beanies, and gloves, which will make you feel comfortable while snowboarding.

3. Learn to Skate Well

If you learn well to skate early, then it will make things much easier for you. While skating on a mountain, a person has to enter and exit the lifts with one foot out of the snowboard. While skating, you will have your front food strapped into your binding, and your back foot will be free. The back foot is used to push yourself along. While skating, you will spend a lot of time getting on and off a lift, and mastering this skill will help you be more confident in it.

4. Take Lessons

Proper lessons will teach you the proper technique to skateboard. Also, if you have an instructor, they will guide you to do things in a logical order. You will also be getting feedback from them regarding your skills which is a bonus as you can rectify them and be more confident for snowboarding as a beginner. Proper guidance and lessons before going for skateboarding surely is an advantage which should be used to its fullest.

5. Bend Your Knees

Bending knees while skateboarding helps you to absorb the bumps efficiently without you falling. Most of the people fall just because they were not bending their knees properly. Keeping your knees slightly bent will help you to make quick decisions to tackle obstacles.

Photo By Edgars Bērziņš. Flickr. Copyright 2021

6. Learn to fall properly

While snowboarding, you will fall a lot. So it would be best if you learned how to fall properly to prevent yourself from getting hurt. While falling, try to avoid putting your hands out to prevent falling. You could end up with a damaged wrist. Instead, try to keep your hands close to your body and cross them over your chest for a safe fall.

7. Learn the Piste Symbols

Slopes and mountains are mostly graded to indicate whether they are safe for snowboarding for beginners or not. Green slopes are easiest as they are flat with a slight incline. Blue slopes are slightly steeper and can be considered as progress from beginner to intermediate level. As for red slopes, they are not always marked in every country. Black slopes are the hardest as they are steep, bumpy and are mostly used by experienced snowboarders.

8. Practice on the Bunny Slopes

Mostly the easiest slopes are crowded by beginners, and it can be not easy to balance while watching your surroundings. Practice on bunny slopes can give an idea and confidence to snowboard on crowded slopes. This is highly recommended for snowboarding for beginners.

9. Always Watch your surroundings

While learning to snowboard, you may nervously look towards your feet or the trees in fear of running into them. This will not let you go far, and you will ultimately fall. Try to focus on where you want to go, and you will automatically find your path.

10. Be Patient

Patience is very important, especially for snowboarding as a beginner. There will be times when you will be pressured to stay with your group of friends while snowboarding. Rushing things will only make you hurt yourself. Thus, patience is the key to snowboarding. Take your time and snowboard at your own pace.

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Watch Video: Beginner Snowboard Lesson

Some Quick Tips For Snowboarding for Beginners:

• Head should be held high as by looking down, you might end up running into a tree or someone.
• Your head and shoulders need to be turned in the direction you are riding as, contrary to this, will make you travel in a direction you don’t want to go.
• Make sure that your feet are tightly strapped to the board to prevent falling.
• Remember while snowboarding that only the core muscles should be used to turn your snowboard, so try to stay relaxed and don’t get tensed up.
• Wear comfortable socks to be comfortable while snowboarding.
• Control your speed while taking turns.


For more tips, click here.

Watch Video: 10 Beginner Snowboard Tips


Lastly, snowboarding is an interesting sport. Though it takes some practice and effort to do it perfectly, trust me, it is worth your time and effort. So this was the ultimate guide for snowboarding for beginners. I hope the article helps you with your first snowboarding experience. Good luck!


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