5 Hacks To Get The Top Grades

5 Hacks To Get The Top Grades 1

We all want to get the top grades. Whether it is to impress our family, be better than our friends or to simply feel good about our own work, we all have our reasons. Luckily for you, there are countless tips students across the globe have taken into consideration in order to get the highest grades at school – and they are more or less straightforward, too! With so many UK essays to complete throughout the academic year, we identify ways that can help you achieve the top grades.

5 Hacks To Get The Top Grades 2

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Find Your Learning Style

Despite what several students believe, your learning style can go a long way in getting the top grades that, quite frankly, you deserve. In order to get the top grades, you need to identify the ways you work best and find most effective. There’s little point watching YouTube video after YouTube video, for example, if you learn more by designing your own cue cards. Whilst you won’t be able to identify your preferred learning style immediately, by testing out a range of learning styles including verbal and visual, you will be able to identify what study techniques you find most effective.

Study With Friends

Whilst some students prefer to study in silence in the library, others significantly benefit by studying with their friends. Though this might not be the ultimate learning style for you, it is well worth trying – even if study amongst your friendship group just once! When you study with friends, studying becomes much more fun and less of a chore. It’s a great way to build routine and become closer with your friends, but, in order to study effectively, you must reign in the gossip!

Make A Timetable

The next best way to get the top grades is to make a timetable. I don’t know about you, but who doesn’t love a chart? When you make a study timetable, you are more likely to study when you are supposed to, rather than when you actually must do three days prior to that all-important exam. In order to get the top grades, your timetable should identify the days and specific times you need to sit down and study based on upcoming exams. For example, if English is your first written exam, you must prioritise this over maths and science, thus scheduling more English revision into your timetable for that week.

Set Goal Grades

A great way to get the top grades for your exams is to set goal grades. If you are unsure what goal grades are, setting your goal grades simply involves deciding what grades you want to achieve. Whilst you may have a rough idea of what grades you would like to achieve in your head, when you write your goal grades down, you are far more likely to stick to them and do more in order to turn your dream into a reality. You’ve got this!

There are several ways you can get the top grades. From setting yourself goal grades to make the fantasy of achieving straight A’s a little more real to designing a timetable to help you prioritise work and complete your revision in a timely manner to ensure you have additional time to revisit topics you are unsure about, it is worth remembering that getting the top grades doesn’t have to involve working 24/7. It’s important to give yourself a break, and have a little fun now and then!

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