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7 Hacks To Stay Protected From The Harsh Sun!


We can’t deny the fact that the awful heat somehow continues to linger around for long durations even if it is not summer. And if on some days you feel lucky about not having to face the harshness of the sun, then sooner or later- Heat’s best friend humidity never fails to follow us! In this situation, it is expedient to follow these summer hacks so that you can keep your beautiful skin protected. These hacks can be easily implemented on a day to day basis when the scorching heat shows no mercy. But no matter what you wear, try to wear sunscreen on an everyday basis irrespective of the season or weather! because it will prevent skin discoloration and keep your skin wrinkle free for long.

#Hack1  Starting with apparel, one should wear something in a pastel colour, which is light and very cool. Avoid black and prints like leopard print and others.For peak summers, always try to wear something flowy and airy so that the material just doesn’t stick to your body and makes you feel all sweaty and clogged up! But if it is not too hot, then you can definitely go with some solid colours.
Recommendations-( Palazzo, maxi skirts, short skirts,                                                           shorts, wide legged-pants.)



#Hack2  Sunscreen is a MUST. One should choose to buy a sunscreen on the basis of ‘skin-type’. For those who have oily skin should buy matte-gel based sunscreen as it does not make your skin feel heavy and makes your face feel cooler instead. Also remember that SPF defines the number of minutes for which it will be effective(eg: –  SPF- 15 = 150minutes), and always check if the sunscreen is PA.  



#Hack3  Keep yourself hydrated because most of the issues that you face are because of loss of water. Have ample amount of water and you will actually see your face reflecting light.  And if regular water is boring then you can have coconut water as well because it’s good for your skin and gives you some energy as well!



#Hack4 If you are out in the sun then try to carry a small ‘spray-on’ bottle of rose water. Because after a while the skin gets all red and irritated during this time, thus rose water comes to rescue as it cools down your skin immediately and the redness will significantly reduce.



#Hack5 Use aloe-vera gel to reduce sunburns and tomato juice for tanning. For the body, one can mix salt with lemon juice and use it as a scrub.



#Hack6 Because of excessive sweat and oil generation the perfumes and deodorants don’t last long, therefore what you can do is use a good lotion or vaseline(petroleum jelly), so that the perfume sticks well to your body.



#Hack7 Keep your hair tied most of the times, and also try to carry a cap, stole or an umbrella because the direct rays of the sun will damage your tresses as well!




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