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10 Hard To Believe Findings of Research

By Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/ Shutterstock
  1. Net addiction weakens immunity

A study has concluded that spending too much time online may increase your risk of catching a cold or the flu as excessive internet use can damage immune function. The study has also found that people who are addicted to the internet, experience greater sleep deprivation, have bad eating habits and tend to smoke and drink alcohol more. So all you net addicts out there, stay away from your computer if you don’t want to fall sick!

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2. Watching fat cartoon characters may make kids eat more
Cartoon characters, ubiquitous in children’s books, movies, television, and graphic novels can have a harmful effect on children’s health. Children who watch a rotund cartoon character gobble down double the amount of food compared to children watching a lean cartoon character.



3. Climbing trees may benefit memory
According to a research, climbing a tree or balancing on a beam can dramatically improve your cognitive skills, including memory. The research has also concluded that people with high working memory are more optimistic and hopeful about the future compared to those with low working memory.

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4. Frequent travelling is bad for health

Do you travel frequently by air? If yes, you need to start paying attention to your health, says a study. It is believed that frequent travelling in flights may have serious and long term negative effects on health. These effects range from breaking down of family relationships to changes in genes due to lack of sleep and a hectic schedule of travelling.

5. Obesity awareness adds to weight

Are you someone who is trying hard to shed those extra kilos? Here is an advice for you. Stop thinking that you are fat. People who think they are overweight or obese are more likely to pile on the pounds than those who are unaware of being overweight. Those who identify themselves as being overweight often indulge in overeating in response to stress originating from feelings of stigmatisation.

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6. Eating spicy food increases lifespan

Great news for those who love spicy food! Eating spicy food regularly may reduce your risk of death from cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. Those who consume spicy foods on a daily basis have a relative 14% lower risk of death compared to people who eat it occasionally.


7. Secret to live beyond 100

Some scientists have carried out a research to find out why some people live a healthy and physically independent life over the age of 100.They have identified that to live past the age of 100, you must keep inflammation down in the body and telomeres long-which are part of human cells that affect how our cells age.

8. Standing desks could make kids smarter

A new study by an Indian-origin researcher has found that standing desks in classrooms could make children smarter by improving their cognitive performance. The results of the study indicated that continued use of standing desks is associated with development of many academic skills helping students to perform better in class.

By Kiselev Andrey Valerevich/ Shutterstock


9. Citizens’ genes decide a nation’s happiness

Have you ever wondered why some countries are happier than others? Well, perhaps we have found the answer! A research has determined that there is a strong correlation between the citizens’ genes and the nation’s happiness. The citizens of nations which rate themselves happiest tend to have a special allele in their DNA, resulting in sensory pleasure and pain reduction.


10. Introverts dislike modern offices

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Introverts find it uncomfortable to use to modern office features and often end up being dissatisfied with their job. The study claims that many features like desk sharing and open-plan floors are more likely to be preferred by extroverts than by introverts. Isn’t this information a little too hard to believe?



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