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Harsha Bhogle’s at his best.


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Cricket has never been a sport  around world to be precise never for an Indian. What makes this sport even more interesting is not the Cheerleaders,rivalry or anything but its just the commentary from one of the greatest cricketers of all time. Commentary has become an integral part of the sports who watch it on television and more importantly who listen up to live updates on the radio. There are finest commentators of all time, but when it comes to an Indian who can grab peoples attention over, is Harsha Bhogle alone. Cricketers after they retire they move into the commentary box but Harsha Bhogle who’s an outsider has fascinated people with his commentary. His understanding about the game has been absolutely phenomenal and his unique style and quick wit has made him one of the best in the lot.

Here are few of his best comments not only on cricket,Do read it till the end to find out.

1) Harsha Bhogle on Sachin’s Straight drive:

“Open the Textbook, turn to page 32”.
This tells you that Sachin can play any shot from the cricketing book.

2) Harsha Bhogle on Rahul Dravid’s Form:
“Ask him to walk on water and he’ll ask, How many kilometers”
This shows whatever maybe the situation, Dravid is always buckled up.

3) When asked about Glenn Maxwell’s batting.
“He just loves to storm through,I guess if he had a car, he would probably start it in the 4th gear”

This shows how aggressive Glenn Maxwell plays through the innings.

4) When Sehwag was dropped for New Zealand’s series.
“It’s that kind of day,Sehwag can walk blindfolded on a busy highway and still not get run over “

5) When Dhoni hits a ball of mitchell starc to the boundary.

“He had all the time in the world, he could have read a newspaper”

This tell you how well the ball has come on to the bat.

6) During Sachin’s Last test match.

Sachin playing well and looking positive, that couple of boundaries he hit settled the nerve. Don’t know about his nerves, I am talking about the nerves of each and every person in the crowd” 

Those anxious moments, where in Sachin’s playing his last test.

7)Yuvraj and Robin Uthappa battng during a T20.

“This format of game like playing book cricket, every page you open, you get 6s and 4s”.

His comment on T20 format and the way these two players were batting at that momemt.

8) When Shakib Al Hassan was bowling really slooow.

” Even the Shadow would go much faster than the ball”

How slow Shakib Al hassan was bowling during a match.

9) When Kieron Pollard couldn’t reach for a catch.

“If Kieron Pollard can’t reach it it’s not a catch”.
It shows how brilliant this man was on the field.

10) 6s Riot by Chris Gayle.
“6 and 4 seem to be the new binary code for this man”

11) When People cheer loud when Sachin Comes on to bat.

“Eruption of Joy on fall of an Indian wicket can only mean one thing”

12)During a leacture at IIM-A someone asks him what his CGPA was and he replies:
“I learnt this very thing in childhood , Remember the good,forget the bad”
The crowd laugh and Applaud.


What a great humor and intellect this man has got.
Some absolutely outstanding commentary and fun loving speeches. We could only get few of them.

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