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High-End Designer Fashion at Low Prices: How to Select the Perfect Eyewear on a Budget

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Needing to wear prescription glasses is no longer an obstacle to looking good. In fact, with the vast range of designs available, your eyewear can enhance your look and boost your style credentials significantly. Choose a new set of designer frames for your specs or a pair of high-end sunglasses without breaking the bank by following the tips below to find the perfect eyewear for your budget.

Think About Face Shape

Determining the shape of your face will help you to pick the perfect pair of glasses. For example, square faces usually suit round or oval-shaped frames best that are thinner and lighter in color. Squarer-shaped, blockier frames look great on round faces, while those with oval faces should consider frames that are just wider than the area around the eyes and forehead. Heart-shaped faces can usually wear most frame shapes and styles.

Assess Your Needs

Next, think about the type of eyewear you need. If you have a prescription, you might want to consider looking for some prescription sunglasses to go along with your regular spectacles. 

When it comes to your prescription glasses themselves, decide on the lenses you would prefer. For example, if you usually wear bifocals, you could consider opting for progressive lenses instead. Progressive lenses act like bifocals, correcting the vision at different distances, but, unlike bifocals, there is no visible line on the lenses. Just as with other types of prescription lenses, these can be fitted into a multitude of stylish frames.

Consider Color

As well as the shape, the color of the frames you choose is important to make sure you get the perfect pair. Cool colored skin tones look great with black, grey, or blue frames, while tan, pink and red frames suit warmer skin tones.

You might also want to use your frames to complement your hair color; green frames highlight red hair shades beautifully, metallic tones, pastels, and tortoiseshell frames look fantastic with brown hair, while blonde hair is perfect with red, gold, and amber frames.

Match With Your Wardrobe

Once you’ve determined the type of eyewear you’re looking for and have an idea of the shape of frames that are likely to best suit your face; it’s important to think about how your style of eyewear will sit alongside the clothes in your wardrobe and your own personal fashion preferences.

Have a look at your favorite outfits and the ones you wear the most, and also give some thought to your go-to accessories too. For example, if you favor bold patterns and colors, and your accessories also tend to be statement pieces, then you may want to opt for a simpler style of frame to complement your clothes rather than over-burden your look. Similarly, if you are more likely to choose clothes in just one or two colors with simple, classic cuts, you could select a more flamboyant style of eyewear to make your ensembles pop.

If your budget allows it, choosing two pairs of glasses with different styles of frames is a great idea to allow for switching up your look between days at the office and evenings out on the town.

Finding the Perfect Fit

No matter what style or size of frame you choose, they need to fit perfectly in order to appear their best and for you to get the look you want. If you already wear glasses and have a comfortably fitting pair, you could take the measurements from these frames when ordering your new pair. Otherwise, when checking the fit of frames, stand in front of a mirror, and make sure that your eyes are roughly in the horizontal center of each lens and in the top third of the frame vertically.

Ensure sure, too, that the weight of the frames is balanced equally on the bridge of your nose or on the pads if present and that the arms fit comfortably, just touching your head at the point just in front of your ears.

Lifestyle Considerations

In order to make the most of your budget and get the eyewear that’s best for you, take into account your lifestyle, including hobbies, before making your choice. There is a huge selection of durable frames on the market, designed either for active lifestyles in general or for specific sports. 


If you spend a significant amount of time driving day to day, then polarized or reactive lenses could be a great option to maximize comfort. Blue light filtering lenses are also widely available for those whose jobs involve spending hours in front of a screen, which may protect against eye strain.


Where to Buy on a Budget

High-end designer glasses can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. Knowing where to look can mean that your dream eyewear is actually more affordable than you think. 


There are many specialist discount stores both on the high street and online that offer a vast array of glasses, including prescription spectacles, sunglasses, and sports glasses. Waiting for end-of-season sales is also a great strategy to pick up designer eyewear at a discounted price.

You could consider looking for used frames, too: there are increasing numbers of vintage sunglasses available online, and second-hand stores can also be great for finding stylish, pre-loved treasures.

Use the tips above to make finding the perfect high-end eyewear easy, whatever your budget!



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