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Horoscope 2016: What Will Your Horoscope Be in 2016?

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“Hurt me with the truth, but never hurt me with a lie,” seems to be the general belief for people today. The yearning to know exactly what happens in the future and when it happens has us all tied in knots. The only slight relief to this craving is horoscopes. So, how does horoscopes 2016 look like?

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Being a typical horoscope addict, I walk (more like sleep-walk) over to my computer each morning, click on the twins holding the arrow, and wait while holding my breath for what that day has in store for me. Will I finally meet the man of my dreams? Will I ace my impossibly impossible math quiz? Will I win the $1000 lottery that nobody ever wins and that I’d taken part in, in a hopeless venture to finally buy that Vera Wang? *sigh*

As early as 700 B.C, people have been reading charts of the stars and predicting the future – the Assyrians mostly. Astrology is known to have the foresight, and has captured the human imagination. People today, read their horoscopes for a variety of reasons. Some want to know exactly how each day of their lives is going to pan out while the others want to cheat their horoscopes and make-believe their day to be the exact opposite of what the horoscope described. Others like me, we just read it for fun!

The logic behind astrology is simple, really. The stars are aligned a specific way at the time of your birth. Astrologists read that positioning and predict your future. Simple, right? And that’s what gets most of us going throughout the day, knowing something good is going to happen(in case our horoscope is good) and being cautious and vigilant(in case our horoscope is negative).

Horoscopes-Love is one such website which offers the best predictions for the upcoming year! It not only tells you how each day will go but also provides you with detailed horoscopes for every week for every zodiac. The website, which is extremely user-friendly, in addition to daily and weekly predictions also predicts separately, and in great amount of detail provides you with interesting articles about “Love Horoscope”, “Pet Horoscope”, “Work Horoscope” articles.


Fire Signs(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
Your enthusiasm and energy will be ten fold with the new year bringing more passion in your life. You will be headstrong, confident and full of energy which will help you a great deal in leadership, especially when working with a team. Don’t sit on the ideas you’ve had for some time now because tackling new ideas and business propositions will prove extremely fruitful.

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Your management abilities will definitely play a role in the successful completion of a project. Even though things seem smooth on the work front, don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones and spend time with them. Be flexible, change your plans to accomodate the needs of a loved one because you will find it results in stronger relationships. It will be simple to re-evaluate your budget and change your financial future for the better.


Earth Signs(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
You are thorough and grounded and even though this year will pull you in the opposite direction, don’t give in to inactivity. Be diligent, focused and determined and things will turn out in your favor. Ignore the negative feelings and be positive. Be careful but resist suspicion and don’t let your spirits flag! Personal relationships will be intense and filled with emotion. Be a good listener, navigate through delicate conversations and you will have a stronger bond with your loved ones. Balance your work and personal life.

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Air Signs(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
Be ecstatic, social creatures! The new year brings you alot of opportunities to mingle with friends, loved ones and colleagues. For the romantics, your love life will be filled with heart-in-mouth moments! Be cautious because infedility seems to be on the cards. Keep your nose clean and your libido in check.

For the singletons, Mr. Right isn’t going to come knocking on your doorstep. Communication will be strong and help you lead a happier work life. Most importantly, listen to your gut and your head, and you will prosper!

Water Signs(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
You sensitivity will be honed to a fine point in the year 2016, helping you find the meaning of life. A spiritual breakthrough seems to be on the cards. Your insight will be keen and you will spot predicaments as they arise from any corner in your life.

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Do not waste time on people, relationships or  situations that give you grief. Take time in making life-changing decisions.

Pay attention to yourself rather than those around you. Remember that you ned to realize the effect of change around you.

2016 is your comeback year! Life will be beautiful in opinion and perception once you feel the tension release this year

Overwhelming year ahead of you! 2016 will bring an infinite number of experiences in all aspects! Be ready to make things work in your favor.

Many opportunities await you! Be sure to grab ’em and make the most of them because you know what they say…Opportunity never knocks twice!

I’d tell you more, but it’s time for me to go check my horoscope now! Check out all the other horoscopes on Horoscopes-Love !



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