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Hoverwatch- A Free Mobile Tracking App with Stealth

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Hoverwatch is not only a spy text app but is also an internet usage tracker, phone tracker app, Whatsapp messages tracker. It also keeps note of incoming and outgoing calls and stores various files such as audios, images, etc on the target phone.

Have you observed that your child is addicted to the internet and often avoids doing their homework?  With the help of installing Hoverwatch a spy app for android on a cell phone, you can manage such issues without coming off as intrusive.


Steps To Getting Hoverwatch On Your Device:

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It takes only the most basic technical knowledge and a minimum amount of time to install this app. It can be done by following the three simple steps:  

  1. Visit this link and sign up using your email ID, Facebook, or Google account.
  2.  Now you can simply download the app by clicking the download link and install it to your target device.
  3. You are all set to start! You can now monitor your target device remotely from your account whenever you want.

Features of this Mobile Tracker:


Following are amazing and noteworthy features of the hoverwatch app:

  1. Tracks and Stores Text Messages:                                                      It tracks all the sent and received messages along with timings and contact info on the android phone.

  2. Tracks and Records Phone Calls:

    This highly efficient spy app not only tracks phone for calls but also saves the recordings of the conversation.  

  3. Monitors Social Media like Whatsapp and Facebook:

    It not only saves Facebook and Whatsapp messages but it also stores the media files like images, audios, videos, etc.

  4. Holds up to 5 Devices:

    You can add five devices so that you can monitor multiple devices simultaneously. That too in one place with no problem.

  5. Monitors Even on Removal of SIM:

    Remain in control of the target device even when the sim card has been removed. It also detects and informs when there is a change in SIM.

  6. Works in Stealth Mode:

    The best feature of this app is that it works in the background and does not appear on the target user’s device. Hence it prevents detection and prevents the target user from uninstalling it.

  7. Tracks Internet History:

    It tracks all websites the target user visits. It also keeps a record of the timings of the visit.

  8.  Locate Device Using Geolocation:

    This app has a unique GPS feature that helps to locate your device in any area. This is indeed useful to track lost or stolen devices.

Why should we use Hoverwatch?

The rate of internet usage is highest among teenagers than any other age group. At this age of technological development, the youngsters are way more well versed with technology than before.

However one should also beware of the fact that youngsters have fragile and sensitive minds. It can be easily influenced by whatever they see or whoever they talk to. Moreover, they might spend too much time on their electronic devices which would cause them to become distracted from their studies.

Youngsters are also very curious by nature. To satisfy this curiosity, they might accidentally start exploring age-inappropriate content on the internet. It would have harmful effects on them.

Advantages of Using Hoverwatch:

hoverwatch advantages

By using Hoverwatch, it is possible to keep track of the websites they visit. It uses that information to block inappropriate sites. Hoverwatch can also help you keep a watch on the productivity of your employees being there nothing else but just like a front camera.

They sometimes spend most of their time secretly playing online games or checking their social networking sites. This can hamper their productivity and reduce their concentration. With Hoverwatch you can keep track of their internet usage and remove these distractions and increase their productivity.

Hoverwatch, in a nutshell, is an innovative app that will help you keep a watch on both your loved ones and your employees. That too without making them feel watched or abused.

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