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How Big Can Snails Get? Almost the Size of a Shoe HERE

How Big Can Snails Get?

Ever wondered about how big can snails get?  What do you do if you think that you’re wearing a shoe but instead find yourself trying to wear a snail? While that might sound uncommon to you, you really cannot discount that possibility in Florida. Giant African snails are becoming a major problem for Floridians. The Giant African Land Snails that have the potential to become as big as shoes have reappeared in the state in 2011 and they have often been spotted in the Miami region since the 1960s. Since the 60s, Florida has incurred over $10.8 million in eradicating the species of snails and they have been successful in removing about 158,000 of them.

Immediate Control Is Necessary – How Big Can Snails Get?

These snails are considered to be one of the most dangerous snails in the world as per the Florida Department of Agriculture. The snails consume over 500 types of plants in the region and they are often a nuisance because they consume the stucco on houses too. These snails are often infected by rat feces and they have been known to contain parasites which can lead to health hazards in humans if they come in contact with the giant snails.

How big can snails get? Well, now you know. The next time you’re wearing your shoe, just have a look at what exactly you’re putting on your feet!

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