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How To Buy A Good Manual Breast Pump


As intimate and necessary as it may seem, breastfeeding is not all smiles and there are times when it can be a real hassle, especially when you are tired from having a busy day or when you are ill. 

In such situations, breastfeeding is not only tough on you, but you may not also allow the baby the liberty to properly suck. But the baby has to feed, nonetheless, as your heart cannot allow the baby to go hungry due to circumstances you cannot help. Times like this require the use of a breast pump. 

Breast pumps are a very good way to relieve yourself and ease the stress that comes with breastfeeding. These devices, which may be small or fairly big, depending on the type you get, are very beneficial. The pumps help extract milk from the breast for you to keep and feed to the baby at your convenience. Using breast pump benefits both you and the baby as you now cope with less stress as regards breastfeeding, and your baby gets the milk. 

These days, due to several factors, mothers around the world are now opting for breast pumps. Part of the need comes from the fact that women now work more and may have to go back to the office even though they still breastfeed. It may be almost impossible to feed your child directly in such cases. Also, there are times when a baby might be unable to suck directly, or is born a few months earlier than expected. Regardless of the reason, a baby still has to get fed and a breast pump makes all these possible.

If you are new to the concept of breast pumps and you feel you need one, then buying a manual breast pump might be the best idea for you. 

Manual pumps require no external power to operate, relying on your control of the lever, making them very dependable. Another thing to note is that they are usually very portable, meaning you can carry them along with you and release milk whenever you choose. 

But how do you decide on the best manual breast pump for large breasts? Because a breast pump has to fit properly to function well, you must get one that properly covers your breasts.

So if you are looking to make a pick, a quick look at this guide can help you know how to choose a manual breast pump.

  1. Easy To Set Up

Manual breast pumps have to be assembled and be dismantled by you, so you have to look for one that is relatively easy to couple together, with fewer parts. A typical breast pump set consists of the pump, the container, and the breast shield. Any extra part may be unnecessary and could also be difficult to affix. 

  1. Portability 

Another thing to consider is how portable the pump is. If you are the type that is always on the go, choosing a much lighter pump that you can easily carry about is a very good option. Also, you should make sure the pump is small enough not to be seen by prying eyes so you can pump milk anywhere, even at work. 

  1. Usage

Since a manual breast pump would rely on your power, you should get one that will make things as easy as possible. The lever or control should be one that will not tire you out from too much pressing. A padded or soft one will do. Also, the pump should be highly efficient, so it does not depend on your pressing alone. A good pump should be able to extract enough milk with each squeeze. This allows you to spend less time and less energy when doing it. 

  1. Design

This is another area to pay attention to. As all breast sizes are different, try to get a breast pump with a shield that will suit you as it will make things very convenient. The best manual breast pumps for large breasts usually have good shields that accommodate your nipples. Brands like Medela and Ameda offer you an option of sizes of the shield so you can pump with ease.

  1. Cleaning 

A breast pump has to be kept clean at all times, that is why when buying one, you should be on the lookout for one that can easily be cleaned. This requires being able to get the cleaning tool inside or one that does not have a complex looking container. 

  1. Durability

A good manual breast pump should last longer than the period you need it for. You may need it after the baby is weaned because you may still be producing milk and pumping it is necessary so your breasts do not hurt. 

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