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How Can You Get an Internship at Tesla Motors?

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If you are looking for the internship that will not only suit your career but will help you receive a unique opportunity to work in the most innovative corporation on the planet, Tesla is the best option for you. You need to remember that the essential goal of Tesla is to become the leader of the world’s transition to more sustainable energy usage. As a result, they are looking for experts all over the world to make their plans a reality. So, in case you are waiting for the best opportunity in your life, Tesla has some available to offer for you! Use this link to read the assignments about internships or on any popular topic among students.

How does Tesla recruit its interns?

First of all, you need to remember that Tesla is one of the most successful corporations is the world and that is why it Is not easy to get hired there. However, in case you are sure you need to be recruited, you have to keep in mind some tips. For example, you should be ready to have a really good conversation with their hiring manager. Eventually, you need to be prepared for being open and sincere, in case you are interested in starting your road with Tesla.

Besides, you should not be afraid of taking a wide range of tests to prove your skills are suitable to perform assigned tasks. At the same time, since Tesla internships are very popular, a number of people willing to receive a chance to work for them is extremely big. With this in mind, you need to have a goal to impress your recruiter that will guarantee higher chances of getting accepted or invited for the next interview.

What types of internships offers Tesla

Tesla is a huge company that hires a long list of experts all over the world. They have their departments opened in numerous counties of the world, including the United States, Germany, China, Republic of Korea, Spean, Macao, and Australia. That is why they are looking for professionals in various fields. To be exact, the departments that are open for cooperation include sales, engineering, communications, energy products, finance, HR, IT, manufacturing, supply chain, and many others. Do you know which one is the most suitable for you?

Tesla Software engineer internship

Tesla cars are known for having the most significant software components and that is why it should not come as a quite surprise that they require the best software engineers for developing and supporting their vehicles. Besides working on new pieces of hardware, the company does not stop improving and developing parts that exist. They are interested in offering software that can stand the test of time.

That is why Tesla is looking for software engineers that will validate and develop software for their current and future products. They want to hire people that can work in the greatest teams, implementing new tests, and creating brand new automated test systems. A person who is willing to be the part of Tesla’s software engineering internship needs to be interested in software system design, cross-functional system architecture, and rapid prototyping.

There are hundreds of people sending their applications for software engineering internship, but Tesla cannot hire all of them. Before connecting HR team, you need to make sure you have all required skills to suit this position. For example, you need to not only be experienced in writing and shipping customer-facing code, but you should also know how to develop web services that can improve the efficiency of the firmware development organization.

In addition to this, they are looking for experts in .NET, C#, and AngularJS who should also be experienced in automation using Selenium, and Continuous Integration with Jenkins. What is more, you need to understand how to work in Pyton and Java, and you should be also familiar with various database concepts. You do not have to forget that you have to prove your proficiency in different front and back end technologies, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, SQL, and Ruby.

In fact, using release management tools (Jira) and experience in working with REST APIs. Would be a plus as well. Finally, to become the part of Tesla, you have to provide high quality code, maintainability, and performance level.

Tesla Finance internship

If you are looking for internship in the field of finance, your task is to prove you are ready to deal with numerous responsibilities you will receive. They do not seem very complicated, but you should prove your skills perfectly suit this position. For example, in case you are able to provide support of the finance and risk management function, both regularly and ad-hoc, you can start considering finance internship in Tesla. You will also have to deal with reporting to the management, support with regulatory reporting.

Moreover, such an internship will include the cooperation with the risk managers, involving the regular assessment of material risks the in-house leasing companies are exposed to. However, do not forget that you will probably be offered to continue your work in other counties of the world since Tesla is interested in the European in-house leasing companies’ reporting setup, with focus on scalability and automated procedures.


Tesla marketing internship

Marketing internship is known as one of the most dynamic opportunities in Tesla. In case you want to improve your skills in assisting merchandise order process, liaising with all stores to ensure that they manage the flow of stock concisely, you need to join their marketing team. You have to prove your communications skills are perfect since you will be dealing with various regional activities, including store openings, test drives, lead generation events and supercharger launches.

Tesla Motors Accounting internship

Tesla is offering student internship from a wide range of business related and technical specialties. That is why you need to take a look at the career options and internship opportunities provided by Tesla as soon as possible.

For example, if you are planning to establish your career in accounting field, Tesla can offer you a chance to join your dream. However, you must have BS, MS, MBA or advanced degree in a relevant Finance, Accounting, Taxation, Economics or Business relevant program. Here, you will join either Tax, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets or Treasury team to support various initiatives.

How can students get an internship at Tesla?

If you are one of the students who want not only to receive a possibility that will suit their career but that will be a huge step forward, Tesla motors internships can be the essential option for you. You need to be prepared for several tests and examination that will help you to prove you are the best candidate for them. However, without proper presentation of your skills and without high quality cover latter, the chances of getting an internship will be lower.

Cover letter to apply for an internship at Tesla motors

As soon as you want to start your work in Tesla, you need to provide an impressive cover latter that will present your experience, education, skills, and talents in the most suitable way. With this in mind, you should not forget paying closer attention to the presentation of your profile because your success will depend on the letter you will send.

A Student’s Perspective in Internship at Tesla

According to the students who had a chance to work for Tesla, this experience was the most important step in their career. By having a possibility to work with a team of the best professionals in the world, you start evaluating and comparing your skills and you get inspired by their knowledge.

At the same time, all other companies are later impressed as soon as they see that you had a chance to work in such a brilliant corporation. Eventually, in case you are willing to chance your life and take a look at the most successful team on the planet, you need to consider starting your career in Tesla.


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