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How cannabis can be consumed in 2021

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The cannabis industry has come a long way from a past plagued with bad PR and association with the drug war. It was everywhere, on the news and in the movies. This perspective is changing with more and more discoveries of the benefits that cannabis provides to treat different illnesses. While it’s mostly medicinal cannabis that is being legalised all over the globe, recreational cannabis is not so far behind in legalisation which means more and more people are consuming the herb.

When most people think of consuming cannabis, their first thoughts take them to someone holding a joint but the options of consumption are evolving as time goes on. The cannabis industry is taking innovation seriously to meet the different preferences for it on the market. Some of these inventions are making it more socially acceptable to consume cannabis. While smoking is the most common option of consumption, there are other ways as well. Here are some. 

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Dry herb vaporizer

Second to joints for smokers are dry herb vaporisers. They use batteries to heat the herb and power themselves. They heat by convection and conduction which come with different value addition to the smoker. Vaporizers are an excellent way to get the most out of your dry herb. You can find a variety of vaporizers online, with brands like MagicVaporizers selling all kinds of dry herb vaporizers that suit every need and taste. There are desktop, portable and pen-style vapes for sale, so feel free to choose whichever is your preference.

Vaporisers are categorised into two forms, portable and desktop. Portable vaporisers are a great option for individuals always on the move and desktops are best for home and group consumption. Vaporisers are also versatile in use because they can use waxes and oils and release less harmful smoke and have a less pungent smell than joints. 

Dab Rig

Ever heard of BHO? BHO stands for butane hash oil which is another name for dab rigs. A blowtorch or heated nail is used to heat the dab (hash oil). The nail may be made of ceramic or titanium. As the dab is heated, it produces vapor in a glass globe that is inhaled by the user. The benefit of using dab rigs is they use concentrates that offer a cleaner combusting compared to flowers. They also emit less harmful material than other methods of smoking. It is not dubbed the “crack of pot” without reason though considering it gives a quick high because of the intense effects of the high THC it releases. 


If smoking is not your preferred method of consuming cannabis, there are other options for you. one of them is topical or dermal cannabis-infused products. This form of cannabis is applied to the site or area whether to relieve pain or an ailment. They have great use for people suffering from sores, swollen muscles, skin ailments, and other ailments. They are easy to use as all you have to do is apply it to the area with the ailment to see some relief. 


You may not have tried edibles before or maybe you did, accidentally, thinking it was something else. Could it have been in the form of a cookie or brownie? These are edible infused with cannabis and are a favourite for many cannabis users. Besides being a great option for those that do not enjoy smoking, they are delicious. As tastes and preferences are changing, so are the forms in which these edibles are produced. These include hot sauce, cooking oils, and honey. Before consuming them, you will need to understand their dosage, absorption method, and bioavailability. 


These are created by steeping cannabis into alcohol. The mixture is absorbed through the blood vessels under the tongue. The best way to get maximum effects from your tincture is to put a few drops under your tongue and hold it there so that it can be absorbed. After some time, you may swallow the rest of the liquid which will be absorbed through the digestive tract. What makes tinctures distinct is that you get dual absorption effects, first from the sublingual absorption (under the tongue) then secondly, from the liquid that went through the digestive tract respectively. This is an easier option for non-smokers. 


As cannabis is being legalised for medicinal and recreational purposes, the industry is seeing more and more consumers with different tastes and preferences for its consumption. Many options exist including dry herb vaporisers, dab rigs, tinctures, and edibles that can suit different customers. It is now much easier to consume cannabis than it has ever been before.  


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