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How to Choose the Right Retirement Village?

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There are thousands of retirement villages around the world. If you plan to spend your retirement like this, then you better choose a community that suits you best. Following, we are going to provide a quick guide that will help choose the right retirement village according to your lifestyle.

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Consider Your Priorities

Think about how you will spend the day. Will you work on your fitness or attend a senior centre for the afternoon? Will you travel or shop a bit? Make a daily schedule including:

  • Religious and Spiritual Activities
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Socialising
  • Proximity to Children and Grand Children

Divide the list into two columns, consider what you can and can’t compromise. You have to revisit and revise from time to time. If you are having a hard time completing your list consider sharing it with something. A partner helps to motivate you to achieve your goals. If it’s a personal list, then ask friends and family for help.

Review the Available Options

Once you design the lifestyle, its time you look for retirement villages in SA that will accommodate you. To find a Retirement that will suit you, start your search by doing the following:

Look for a Registered Village

Registered means the village or community complies with the set standards of health authorities. It means you will have better protection if something goes south. Before you set your heart on a village, you better search it online and see if it’s registered or not.


Like it or not, you need to do the Legwork. So, speak with the residents, staff and managers, it will get you a good idea of what to expect being a resident. Ask the current resident are they comfortable with the security, maintenance and healthcare or not? You have to assure you and the community fit each other. Otherwise, you won’t survive in there for long.  

Do it Early

This is a key tip; if you want to find the right retirement community, you better do it years ahead. Don’t start hunting when your health forces you. You want the right choice in such consequences. So, you better start early. Pick a few options and keep in touch to see how they progress. It will help you understand whether they are right for you or not.

Get a Second Opinion

You need a second opinion when it comes to choosing a retirement village. The fact is, these communities require a serious financial investment, so it won’t hurt if you get a second opinion. Get your family and friends involved in the decision-making decision it will help you cut down disputes later.

The Budget

Money always remains an issue. Almost every retirement village charges on a weekly basis. Their fee structure differs but the basics are same. They have a fixed fee for your whole tenure, but they will increase CPI with time. You will have to invest in the unit before moving in So you better consider your finances before making a move.

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