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How To Choose A Travel Partner

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How To Choose A Travel Partner 1

Whether you travel the world for a living, you travel the world for the kick or you just travel, one thing which you can’t argue is the basic necessity of traveling is a good companion. If you are going solo, good, if you aren’t it can be a pain in the neck to be stuck with a wrong travel partner, and as much as we would like to not admit it, we can fall in the category of a lousy and painful travel companion.

So here is a check list, check yourself and check the person you are planning to hit the road with:

Bad Qualities

Over Dramatic: You missed a bus and your partner starts behaving like its the end of the world? you wouldn’t want that.

Lies: While traveling it is very important to honest about everything, from the cost of the ticket to whether or not have they traveled earlier.

Control Freak: No fun ever comes out of controlling anything too hard.

Good Qualities

Easygoing: Someone is laid back, chilled out and doesn’t create a fuss about even the slightest change in the plans or mil discomforts.

Good Sense of Humor: understand that good sense of humor does not only mean someone who can crack the funniest jokes, it also means someone who can take jokes without getting offended. having someone by your side who can see humor even in the toughest time will make the journey memorable

Understanding: It is very Important to have someone by your side who understand your difficulties and does not roll their eyes every time you are going through something. We sometimes feel homesick, some of us have motion sickness, sometimes we can fall sick while traveling, so we need someone who is willing to understand that we are all humans and does not rub it in our face.

How To Choose A Travel Partner 2

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