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How To Deal With Dominating Friends?

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There are many kinds of friends that enter and exit our lives year by year as we grow older. A few of them bring a smile on your face, while a few of them give you depression, a few may disappoint you while the other may care for you. No matter what so ever, every friend is unique in its way. We can’t expect all our friends to be the way we want them to be.

But what if you are irritated with a few of them? Do you find your friend being too dominating? How will you deal with your dominating friend? Will you be submissive and agree with her even when you know that you’re right, and he or she is wrong? Or will you revolt against her or his attitude?

The following are a few ways to deal with Dominating Friends

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  1. Be confident about yourself and your actions. If you feel that you’re right, nobody has the right to change you or say that you’re doing something wrong. They force you to act alternatively and act according to what they think is right. Don’t agree if you know that you’re right.
  2. Learn to speak in a way that does not hurt your friend plus she or he understands calmly what you want to say. Try to explain to your friends your situation and your point of view. If they don’t listen and try to control your life, leave them. Always remember that none of your friends has got the right to control your life entirely. Such friends only become a headache of your life rather than healing your pains.
  3. Don’t let your friends ruin your personal space. Every person needs a space of her own, and if he or she does not get that space, it might frustrate him or her. So clear out things before they get out of control. If your friends want your company 24*7, and they don’t let you stay alone with someone else or feel envious when you don’t accompany them and rather walk out with another friend of yours, then don’t think twice before leaving them. Do so immediately. It’s your life and your wish.

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