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How to Ease Nerves on a First Date?

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Many of us get nervous on a first date, and it’s a totally normal thing. If you’ve not had a chance to speak to someone much, then a first date is where you can either make or break a potential relationship. It may be particularly nerve-wracking if you meet on a dating app or a website like which is a free interracial dating site in the USA. To help with your transition from dating website or app to your first date, we’ve come up with this list of tips.

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Don’t take too long to ask them out.

Before you’ve even met, asking someone out can be anxiety-provoking. You may be connecting well over chat or Messenger, but you don’t want to get rejected when asking to meet the person in real life. This is why it’s better to act sooner rather than later. By asking someone on a date without waiting too long, you’re telling them you’re interested in more than just chatting online. Also, by waiting too long, you may actually become less interesting to your match, as they feel like things aren’t progressing.  

Make a plan.

A great way to minimize nerves when you’re on a date is to make a plan. This doesn’t need to be planned down to the second, but have a few ideas in mind for the next part of the date. An excellent way to get past any lulls in conversation is to move your date to a new location, or bar, for example. This will give you a chance to think of your next topic of conversation, as well as to provide you with a new setting to talk about. By going to a few different places, the date will also feel more interesting, as staying in one place will make the date all mingle into one thing with no other points of reference.

Dress for the occasion.

The way you dress can have a huge impact on how someone perceives you. Dress down too much, and you’ll look like you aren’t trying, but overdressing can come off as needy and look like you’re trying too hard. The best rule of thumb is to dress for the date. If you’re going to a nice restaurant, then dressing up in a shirt won’t be unusual. If you’re going to a club, then dress for a night out. As long as your clothes are clean and fit well, you can’t go far wrong.  

Keep things simple.

The final thing to keep in mind is to not overcomplicate things. You’re going on this date to see if you have a connection with the other person, and the best way to do this is to pay attention to them. The location doesn’t really matter as long as you’re having fun and getting to know each other better.

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