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How to Get Access to Netflix and Enjoy Binge Watching?

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Being the most popular streaming services around the world, Netflix can be accessed almost from every other country. Your location is the determining factor based on which you are allowed to watch specific TV shows and movies. As a result of which, you would like to use a VPN, to gain access to geo-restricted content on Netflix.


By choosing the right VPN service provider and connecting to it, you are provided with a region-specific IP address, from the country your VPN server is located in. Some of the free VPN that works with Netflix is –

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. VPNArea

Using Netflix with a VPN

It is quite easy to bypass geo-restricted content with a VPN. By following the steps described below, you can get access to your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix and enjoy Binge watching with friends and families.

  1. Sign up for a VPN service that suits your requirement.
  2. Now, download the VPN software and get it installed. However, ensure that you are using the right version for your device.
  3. Determine which country’s Netflix library you would like to access and then connect to a server from that country. For instance, if you are looking to watch TV shows from the US, you will have to connect to a server in the USA.
  4. Now go onto the Netflix website and search for the TV show or movie that you want to play. Once you play the video, it will start loading right away, and you would have successfully unlocked geo-restricted content.

Getting the Right VPN service provider for Netflix

With so many different VPN service providers available in the market, choosing the right one can be a tedious task. Moreover, Netflix is continuously upgrading their VPN detection measures, and thus, most VPN services find it difficult to unlock the content. Keeping these factors in mind, consider the following points before choosing the best VPN for Netflix.

  1. Has the ability to unlock different Netflix libraries.
  2. Gives high-speed user connections and is reliable.
  3. Ensure that the VPN service you are using has a no log policy so that it does not keep track of your online activities.
  4. Look for a VPN service provider who provides cross-platform compatibility so that you can make use of a single VPN account on different devices.
  5. Has excellent and quick customer support team, with a vast knowledge of the product being offered.

Not Able to Access Netflix Even after Connecting to VPN

There can be many different reasons as to why you are not able to access Netflix, even after connecting to a VPN. Following are some of the ways you can try to fix the problem and gain access to geo-restricted content.

  1. You can start by clearing the cookies and browser cache memory.  There is some geo-blocked website that places a cookie on the device when you are looking to access the website without a VPN. The cookie is set to block your access. Thus clearing the cookies might let you access the site using a VPN.
  2. Look for a different IP address by closing the browser and again reconnecting to the VPN service. The IP address you initially connected to might be blacklisted and thus prevented you from getting access.

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