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How I Helped My Friend Get a Girlfriend

By Nicoleta Ionescu/ Shutterstock
By Nicoleta Ionescu/ Shutterstock

We have all done crazy things for our friends, but what I am about to tell you would really make you wonder how crazy life can be. Back in our school days, we all had a sweet crush over certain somebody we always adored secretly and smiled every time we saw them. My close friend Akshay, who used to go with me to coaching, also had one of that silly crush over a girl studying at our coaching. His crush had accrued into somewhat love like as he used to talk incessantly about her. I must admit she was kind of cute, but the only sad part was: she didn’t know that Akshay had a huge crush on her. Akshay was very adamant about telling her how he felt about her, and so he got all his courage and went to talk to her; my heart stopped, but suddenly he turned and came back. I was a little confused as to what had happened. He came back to me and said that he had changed his mind about talking straightforwardly with her, and instead, he had an idea.

By Piyapong89/ Shutterstock

When he went to the desk where she was sitting to talk to her, he saw a romantic novel kept on the desk; Akshay knew immediately that it would not be easy to impress her with the normal approach guys take to impress girls. He asked me for suggestions, to which I made a troll face telling him that as I was an amateur at love, we laughed and went to have some street food.

The next day in the coaching, we met again, and this time he had a plan; he approached our partner in crime, Nisha, for help. After laughing for about half an hour, Nisha agreed to help. She sat near Akshay’s crush that day and introduced herself to Akshay’s crush, and for the whole duration, she chatted with her in the class. When the class got over, Nisha came to us and said that she had talked with Snehal, aka Akshay’s crush and told her that Akshay had a huge crush on her. We all screamed in shock as to why she had told Snehal about that, to which she angrily asked if we wanted her help or not, we agreed; obviously, she continued saying that Snehal had guessed a long time back, Akshay’s attraction towards her, which she found really SWEET.

By Notto Yeez/ Shutterstock

Akshay didn’t want to get friend-zoned and asked Nisha for advice, and she advised Akshay to write a beautiful romantic letter for Snehal. Akshay agreed and immediately left us to do the job. We met the next day, and it was a little different that day as Snehal was a little more attentive towards Akshay, which made him really uneasy; I don’t know why. He showed me the letter, and I must tell you it was an utter RUBBISH. Nisha and I laughed so hard reading it that we were almost thrown out of the class by our teacher. The letter was so small and started as… Oh, just read it.
                                       Hello Snehal I like you very much
                                      Nisha told me to write you a letter
                                      I must tell you that I really like you….
We joked reading that letter saying people write such a letter for breaking up with each other and not the other way around. Akshay was really confused, and suddenly both of them started staring at me. I knew what they had in mind. I had to write the letter as Akshay begged me and finally agreed to do all of my Physics Assignments in return; I thought it was a fair deal. The thing with me is that I can only write something if I am attached to it. Otherwise, it would come out as absolute rubbish, and so writing a letter that too a romantic one was one of the hardest things to do.


Akshay called later that night and asked me about my progress, to which I said it was NIL; he knew me well and so gave me a really brilliant idea: that I should write the letter thinking about my crush and then we would give the same letter to both of our crushes the next day. It was a really good suggestion, and so I spent the whole night writing the letter.

I completed it in the morning, and later that day, Nisha gave that letter to Snehal. Meanwhile, Akshay went to give it to my crush. Akshay called me later that night and thanked me wholeheartedly for the letter, as it had worked perfectly on Snehal. The sad part was that he could not deliver it to my crush as he couldn’t find her after the school got over. I had given him the instructions that she always took the rickshaw home, but this time, maybe something had changed. I was very happy to meet Snehal after a few months, and to my surprise, she told us how Akshay wrote a beautiful letter for her which swept her off her feet; she also said that she fell for the writing and adored Akshay for expressing his emotions so beautifully for her.

By librakv/ Shutterstock

I don’t know something happened to me that day, a sudden burst of emotions swathed over my body as if I couldn’t breathe. Only one question resonated in my mind: What if my crush had read it? Things would have been so different. My feelings were ambivalent as I managed to go through the entire meeting with her and Akshay. As soon it was over, I ran to my house, I can’t explain how I felt at that moment, and so many years after that, today I got to see the letter I had written; I smiled as I read it and started thinking of her and asked the same question WHAT IF.

To all those who wanted to know what I wrote, I have written a few lines of that letter as the letter was really long.
“Dear Soulmate, I have managed to gather all my courage to write a letter for you,  but it was necessary as your beauty was becoming unbearable to be deprived of  praise, I have never seen anything as exquisite and lively as your eyes, and the way you walk is as if nature itself has stopped………….
                                                     ~ to sweet M.”
                                      The FIRST CRUSH IS THE STRONGEST ONE


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