How to Make a Brochure to Market Your Next Event

How to Make a Brochure to Market Your Next Event 1

Companies say that 63 percent of their marketing challenges come from generating traffic and leads.

Events have always proven helpful to bring in new customers. To get the word out, you might need to know how to make a brochure. 

But you don’t want just any brochure. You want it to stand out. 

How to Make a Brochure for Your Next Big Event

Event marketing is tough, with all the facets of organizing and marketing. If you have killer marketing materials, you’re setting yourself up for a killer event.

Make It Interactive 

Have your brochure focus on your event, but also make it speak to your company as a whole.

Be sure to direct your customers to your website. Make sure your website has fast loading speeds, because if someone goes from your brochure to your website and it loads slowly, they’ll quickly bounce.

Add your social media to your brochure, and encourage people to participate that way. 

Get the Right Tools

To actually physically make your brochure, you might think you’d need some skills with digital arts. But when you use Adobe Spark, you don’t actually have to have ay prior knowledge on how to make a brochure.

All you have to do is pick your size and your shape of your brochure, choose the theme, and then start dropping your own text and your pictures inside the already beautiful and customizable templates available to you.

Create a brochure that’s completely your own because you made it completely on your own.

Get the Resolution Right

When you’re dropping pictures into your brochure, using incorrect resolution can tank the entire project. 

You’re going to want to make sure your photos are high resolution, or else a blurry photo on your brochure can make you look super unprofessional. When you’re thinking of how to make a brochure, remember that it’s almost entirely a visual process where people will mostly pay attention to the design.

Start with a Plan

Before you begin looking at designs for your brochure, have a plan in mind. You can lay out your content by drawing a rough sketch on paper, so when you’re looking for templates, you’ve got it narrowed down into the content you like.

Having all the copy you’d like to include in your brochure already mapped out is also crucial. Key words and phrases and points you’d like to make can be driven home with the placement of words and designs on your brochure.

Develop Your Content Marketing

Once you know how to make a brochure, you’re well on your way to developing your content marketing strategy.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. You don’t want your business to stop growing, so you shouldn’t stop working on it, either. 

Learn tips and tricks for your marketing that you might not have read about before. The more specific you can be to your target market and the more you’ve worked on your strategy, the more you can measure your success.

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