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How To Quit Smoking


We all know smoking is not good for our health. People start smoking due to various reasons. No one plans on getting addicted, but they do. Smoking gives one a temporary high and helps one cope with stress, anxiety or just boredom. It becomes a part of one’s daily routine- a habit. People become habituated to smoking while having coffee in the morning, taking a break from work, meeting a particular friend. If one decides to quit, they have to face the withdrawal symptoms which force them to smoke another cigarette. Does that mean that it is impossible to quit? It’s not. One just needs to stay put at defeating their addiction, and they will succeed. The urge to smoke maybe intense but it is temporary. Once it passes, the addict is one step closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Here’s a list of ways one can fight the urge to smoke one more cigarette: 

  • Medication- A doctor can prescribe medicine to help. One can also try the Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Nicotine gums, patch, and lozenges are available in almost all pharmacies and grocery shops.

  • Keep your mouth and hands busy- Chew a gum or low-calorie snacks. Drink a lot of water; it helps with the dry throat. Brushing teeth frequently help one do away with the urge.  Use your hands to work and keep yourself distracted. Squeeze balls if necessary.

  • Avoid triggers- Avoid meeting that friend who won’t stop smoking in front of you. Get rid of lighters, old cigarette boxes. Wash your clothes to get rid of the smell. Wash your car. Avoid going to places where you used to smoke.

  • Physical activity- One can go for a walk, run around, jog, do yoga. Working out rewards you by making them feel good. This can get rid of the urge to feel good by smoking.

  • Relaxation techniques- Smoking makes one feel relaxed when they are stressed or anxious. Trying to resist smoking can result in more stress. Breathing exercises, yoga, massage, visualization, etc can help take care of the stress.


  • Ask your family and friends to help- Quitting is hard, it’s harder if one is doing it alone. Let the family and friends help. If possible, one can get a friend to quit smoking with them.

  • Remind yourself why you quit- Whenever you feel like giving up, remind yourself of the health benefits, the financial benefits, and the enhanced self-esteem.



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