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How To Select A Good Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


When a machine is employed to do work, it saves quality time for many more other important tasks. Robotic vacuum cleaners are one such machine that provides productive time with its artificial intelligence.

With advanced technology, there is a variety of brands available in the market. Here are some tips to select a good robotic vacuum cleaner

Features To Look For

The functions of the robotic vacuum cleaner and the standard vacuum cleaner are the same. They suck the dirt out of floors and cupboards. But the robotic cleaners need not be carried around the house.

They are set for their functions and they perform on their own. Therefore while buying a robotic vacuum cleaner one should check on the features like timer, charging, automatic detection features (like detection of walls, stairs), noise control, etc. For instance the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C is quiet and self charging.


The Robotic vacuum should be able to get under all nooks and corners of the house. Therefore check those measurements especially the gap between sofa and the floor, bed and floor, etc. They should also have enough height to clean cupboards. An average robotic vacuum cleaner should be at least 9.5’ tall. The Eufy 12C is 85 inches tall and has 4 side brushes which slide into bed and sofa.

Battery Power

Today Lithium Ion batteries are the most advanced battery technologies. This is because they operate for maximum time. Apart from working time, the robotic vacuum cleaner should also charge fast. The Eufy RoboVac 15C runs for 100 minutes non-stop. There are also some products that are self-charging.

Types Of Surface

Check if the robotic vacuum cleaner is suitable to clean all types of floors wood, tiles and carpets. Their suction power should be medium to clean carpets and higher to clean floors. For instance when it comes to Eufy 15C vs 30C, the suction power is different with 1300 Pa and 1500Pa respectively.

Noise Level

As the machine runs on motor they can be noisy. The tolerable noise should be between 50 dB to 100dB. This completely depends on the lifestyle of the person. If he prefers to clean at night, it is advisable to buy the quietest machine.

Type Of Filters

There are many types of filters. They differ by material of built and also by number of layers. If the number of layers are more, then the dust sucking and holding capacity is more. One can clean the filter in the last if it can hold more dirt.


The main purpose of the machine is to reduce the labour involved. Therefore check if the product allows pre – set customised settings. For instance, allows scheduling the cleaning to the 9th day of the month, etc.

Room Size

If the house is bigger with many numbers of rooms, then the robotic vacuum cleaner should have a larger tank. This avoids frequent emptying.

With the above tips, one can pick their best choice of Robotic vacuum cleaner without confusion.

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