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How to Setup a Simple Slot Machine Reward System?


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A slot machine reward is capable of adding value and most probably monetization strategies, but you shouldn’t abuse the players’ trust. However, before you do that, you must know the process of coding a slot machine. Actually, slot machines might have their origins soaked in casinos and gambling, but the processes are seen everywhere beginning from television game shows to every genre of games.

Some vital things that need to be understood are how slot machines look. When you take some instance layouts from an online casino site, then you can see things that are mentioned below:

  • Every slot on the reel comprises a vertical strip of sprites which provide the look of moving.
  • The vertical strip might comprise many individual sprites.
  • A chief factor is spacing out every sprite evenly on the strip and it is vital to make the vertical movement look smooth.
  • A person can have many reels according to his wish and he doesn’t need to possess only one and can possess more than the classic three.

Creating a vertical strip

When you have managed to acquire the assets, you are needed to produce a vertical strip. After this, the subsequent phase is putting the vertical strip together. Though it is not overly complex, yet it does need some rules like:

First: You must make sure that you have got a uniform amount of pixels between every sprite on the strip which you develop. A four sprite vertical strip can be used where every sprite would be 32 x 32. After this, some white space is used at the top as well as bottom of every sprite and it will look centered in the wheel. Here, the numbers will come out something like the following:

  • Sprite: Height = 32, Width = 32
  • Canvas: Height = 256, Width – 64
    • Every Sprite would get 16px of white space on either side and the sprite would be centered in the middle.
    • Every sprite would get 16px of white space which would be above and there will be 16px in the white space below too.

The technical stage

After you get a sprite strip, you can start with the original coding.

The slots game maker tutorial – This code is pretty straightforward and you can stretch it easily.

The time for spinning

The last step comprises seeing everything in action. For this, you must press the space bar.

Importance of slot machines

Slot machines happen to be an excellent entry point meant for the new casino visitors as they can be learned easily. Again, they are fun for playing and intoxicating too when you emerge as a winner. No matter you have been spending one hour of downtime yourself or with your group of friends, these slots turn as a superb way to warm up your day or night of gaming.

So regardless of your being new to slot machines or someone who has been involved in this game for years, it is really possible for you to get benefitted from being aware of some strategies. This is the reason, playing any online game, like togel Singapore becomes highly exciting and your chances to become high to hit it big.

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