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How to Tell You’re Falling Out of Love: 10 Tips


How to tell you’re falling out of love?

 Love is a crazy feeling, you fall in love and you fall out of it too! It is a little unnerving to think the whole process of getting clicked with a stranger, falling in love, sharing deepest secrets, making beautiful memories together but then fights start cropping up, then the blame games, going behind the back and finally falling out of love and putting an end to all the memories created together and go back being stranger who are not strangers.

It’s a cycle from meeting a stranger to become a stranger again but what if you don’t know which stage you are in? Are you confused about your relationship status with your partner, then read how to tell you’re falling out of love

1. Priority

If you and your partner have different priorities and these priorities are getting between your relationship then maybe it’s a sign for you that something is not right. But how to tell you’re falling out of love due to priority? It is a matter of observation, think back and list down how many times have you preferred to other things rather than being with your partner? It maybe be because of studies, work, friends, or any other interests which you place before your partner.

Have you gone out with your friends lying to your partner that it’s important? Do you prefer to play video games or go shopping to ease out the stress and tension? If the answer is a yes then this a sign to the question of how to tell you’re falling out of love.

When you prefer other things to your relationship then its a sign that the relationship is not working out for you and other priorities are just a distraction for you to not be with your partner. It’s better you understand the signs and either make it work between yourselves or to speak up to your partner about your feelings of falling out of love.

2. Flaws seem more evident

When you first met, did their eyes sparkle or did their crooked teeth smile seem cute? Their scars or freckles were unique about them and everything about them was magical and beautiful? What happened now, does their habit of leaving a wet towel on bed annoy you or their hair all over the place make you lose your patience?

This is a sign of how to tell you’re falling out of love. When their flaws stand out and what earlier seemed cute and unique about them starts to annoy you or make you lose your temper, then maybe something is not right.

Take this as a sign of how to tell you’re falling out of love. You are finding more flaws in them than the positive things. You are being asked or asking them to change their habits but it results in guilt and fights which makes both of you sad, then maybe you are not willing to accept their flaws nor are they willing to sacrifice on something. Maybe it’s time for both of you to sit together and talk things out.

3. Lack of intimacy


You couldn’t keep your hands to yourself when you first met them? You were always clinging, kissing, hugging, or touching each other but now everything has changed? This is a sign of how to tell you’re falling out of love.

You get turned off easily and turn down their physical advances giving excuse of headache, feeling tired or even lying about your periods then that is a big sign that you are no longer interested in being intimate with your partner and this a big sign on how to tell you’re falling out of love and you better not ignore it.

When you’re in love, touching each other meant sparks flying and butterflies exploding, it always would calm you when you know they are in your reach and their touch would comfort you but when all those feelings stop and you try to find an excuse not to be intimate then probably things are going down in a wrong path and you should talk it out before it takes a wrong turn!

4. Spend less time:

Have you run out of date ideas and you find hanging out with each other tiring and boring? Well, this is how to tell you’re falling out of love. You try to spend less time with each other stating one or the other reason and your friends are more fun to hang out than with your partner.

You are lying about your whereabouts is a sign of how to tell you’re falling out of love. When you are no more comfortable in spending time with them and always jump at the opportunity of leaving early or try to ignore them when together either being on your phone or calling another person in between to talk to them to feel less awkward between two of you, then maybe it’s time to open up about your feelings to other.

It is better to talk about the relationship not working out than to be in a relationship and hurt them by lying and not giving them importance when both of you are together. Take this as a cue on how to tell you’re falling out of love.

5. More fight than good moments

The best way to know how to tell you’re falling out of love is to realize that there are more fights than the good moments. Fights are common in any relationship and it is a necessary and healthy process for a smooth and good relationship provided you talk out your fights and reconcile about the issue to learn more about each other.

But how to tell you’re falling out of love if fights happen in normal relationship too? This is easy, if you and your partner fight on the silliest issue and these fights are getting bigger and nastier by the day then it’s a sign. When these fights weigh more than your good moments with each other, you know how hard it is to keep on with the relationship.

It is better to talk about the never-ending fights and seeing a solution for it, than to keep on fighting with teeth and bones, to destroy each other’s peace and solace. You wouldn’t want that, do you?

6. Changes

You fell in love with a fun-loving and amazing person but now you don’t recognize the person you’re dating. Is this a sign on how to tell you’re falling out of love? If you ponder on it, then maybe the answer to the question is a yes. You fail to recognize the awesome person you fell in love with has completely changed into a stranger.

You don’t understand their choices, needs, or interests anymore. It’s like you’re with a stranger now, then maybe it’s a sign on how to tell you’re falling out of love and you should take it seriously. Take to them about their changes which are bothering you and ask about the reason. Do they feel the same about you too?

The best way is to ask what is the reason for the change and how can you work it out. If you don’t sort out your differences then it may get worse and you will find yourself living with a stranger who you no longer love.

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7. Comparison

This is a nasty sign on how to tell you’re falling out of love. If you find yourself comparing your partner to other counterparts, then this is bad news for your relationship. This is one of the big mistakes people do in relationships, the comparison.

How to tell you’re falling out of love is very easy once you start thinking other people are better than your partner and that you would be a better fit with them rather than your current partner. A sad but true fact about humans is that they always look for a better counterpart. This is to do with the survival of the fittest gene for your future successor, but not necessarily.

If you keep comparing or wish to be in a relationship with someone else then probably this is the best time to think about how to tell you’re falling out of love with your partner and maybe falling in love with the person you are comparing your current partner with.

8. No future talks:

This is a silly thing that everybody does when they get into a relationship. What is that you must be wondering, it is none other than planning your future with your partner! This is not a bad thing, on the opposite, it indicates that you plan your life with them and how serious you are with your relationship.

But is this a sign on how to tell you’re falling out of love with your partner? The answer to this is a big YES. When you stop planning your future endeavors with them or they do not have a place in your futuristic plans then it’s a sign that you’re falling out of love.

Sit with them and figure out what they plan in their future and whether it would work out for both of you. If it doesn’t then maybe it’s a subtle hint on how to tell you’re falling out of love with your partner. Relationship is all about investing your time and energy to build a future together but if you can’t see it happening then maybe you should look at the sign seriously.

9. Suffocation

This is a bitter truth and most of you would relate if you have been through a toxic relationship. When do you know that the relationship isn’t working out for you and it’s getting toxic for you? Feeling suffocated in your relationship is the answer.

How to tell you’re falling out of love will become easier if you feel suffocated in your relationship. When you feel that you are not able to express yourself or are restricted to do things that you liked to do earlier, that is when you feel suffocated.

This is a very sinking feeling and you must take this sign seriously. This is a big sign on how to tell you’re falling out of love and you shouldn’t ignore it as it turns uglier if you leave it without talking it out. It is always better to choose your expression than to be in a suppressive and toxic relationship that suffocates you.

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10. Ego clashes

We live in a competitive world and ego clashes are treated as a healthy way for competition but not necessarily when it comes to relationships. How to tell you’re falling out of love in a situation where you find yourself guilty for starting the fight or being the cause of it?

This is a simple matter of ego clashes when you can’t apologize for what you have done because you feel you haven’t done anything wrong to apologize. When this blame game starts happening then it’s a sign on how to tell you’re falling out of love. This happens in most of the relationships where both the partners cannot accept the fault and there is no compromise as both are adamant.

A relationship like this becomes tiring and stressful at a point and you feel like falling out of love with your partner because they fail to understand you. Take this as a sign to sit for a long talk, about your needs and demands and vice versa. If the ego clashes are not solved then maybe you should accept the fact that you have fallen out of love as there is no compromise left in your relationship.

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The millennial generation is known for speed dating and it is tough to understand how to tell you’re falling out of love. If you can relate to most of the things written above then maybe it’s time you finally spoke to your partner and sort out your troubles. If you realize you have fallen out of love, maybe your partner feels the same too. It is never too late to start fresh and better not to change the beautiful bond your relationship had into a toxic one.
See the sign early and talk it out. If this article helped you, let us know!


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