How to adopt a sensible online sports betting strategy and stay safe

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Sports betting is more popular now than ever before, and that’s because it is far more accessible than it was to the previous generation. With online betting websites and apps bringing the top legal sportsbooks to millions of players every month, the industry continues to thrive. Even for many who don’t bet, it’s intriguing.

We’ve all heard the big winners of online gambling. Those who have landed the jackpot for a small bet and changed their life. We’re also aware of the horror stories. Casual bettors and sports fans quickly got in over their heads and bet everything they had. When gambling online, it’s important you adopt sensible sports betting strategies.

These go far beyond just backing winners. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it, and the bookies would be bankrupt in a week. So what is a sports betting strategy, and which is best for you. In this article, we’ve recruited a sports betting expert to explain it all.

Tricks of the trade

Regardless of the sports, you bet on or your favourite market, it’s crucial that you stay safe when betting and stick to your limits. Online betting is so popular because it is so convenient. You can download a betting app to your smartphone and gamble from anywhere. Place bets at the touch of a button, deposit cash instantly and withdraw winners with a click. It appeals to the generation who are used to getting everything now.

That convenience also makes online betting dangerous. You can gamble on a sporting event anytime, day or night. There’s always a horse race or a tennis match just about to start. Not having to visit a sports betting office or travel miles to a casino to wager means we often place more bets than we’re comfortable with. 

How do you keep your bets under control? Enjoy the ease of betting online while not getting carried away with the frequency with which you gamble. There are some tricks of the trade, and we list the most important of them below.

Only bet with a legal and licensed bookie

When choosing an online betting site, you’ll find many bookies offering free bets to new customers. Don’t get caught up in the adverts or promise of huge bonuses. Yes, you should insist on a welcome bonus as a new player, but it’s critical you are joining a site that’s legal in your area. It should also be licensed and regulated. With most betting sites, you’ll find the license information at the bottom of the homepage.

Go with a staking plan

Many successful and profitable sports bettors adopt a staking plan and stick to it. Most staking plans are of the five-point model, with an interest bet being one point and a strong bet being a fiver-pointer. Each point should have a value. The value of a point is different for every bettor. For some, a one-point bet may be $1, and a three-point bet $3. For others, a one-point bet may be $100 or $1000. Don’t adjust the value of your points when you land a sizable profit. Stick hard to what you have decided on, and you can re-evaluate at the end of a month, quarter, season or a year. There is a good saying amongst sports gamblers, only bet what you can afford to lose. Another is never bet in anger or frustration.

Record your bets

It’s essential to record all your bets and check back often. You can do this through your betting app, on paper or a spreadsheet. By registering all the bets you place, the results and the profit/loss of each wager, you will quickly realise which bets work for you and which you should steer clear of.

Suppose you are making profits on football and tennis but losing on horse racing and greyhounds. It may be wise to stop betting on horses and dogs then increase your stakes on football and tennis. It also shows which markets are best for you. You may win on match-winner singles but be hopeless at multiples. Most profitable bettors in any sport stick to singles as the best way to profit, adopting slow and steady wins the race approach. 


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