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How to Choose a Tutor for Your Child

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Reading and writing are the basic educational requirements of any child that would excel in her/his education. For instance, if you recognize that your child is not doing well with his reading or essay writing, you can hire the services of a reading and writing tutor or buy an essay from a legit company.

It’s important to get a skilled and committed tutor for your child. Searching and choosing a trained tutor who has experience in children is not an easy task to undertake. Below are 4 things you need to do/beware of to get your child a good tutor.

  1. Set your target

Is your child poor in reading and writing? 

This is the question you need to ask yourself or the child’s teacher. Identify the area which your child needs tutoring most. Identifying your child’s academic needs will help you in your search for the right tutor.

If your child, for instance, can’t read well, you will need a tutor who is good with reading with children. If on the other hand your child needs help in writing then you will use this understanding to pinpoint a writing tutor who will help your child with her writing.

If, on the other hand, your child is weak on both reading and writing, this knowledge will guide you in the search for the right tutor for your child.

What is your child’s learning style?

Every child has a learning style. Which is the best learning method for your child? Is it by listening, touching or moving? Would your child prefer female tutor or a male tutor? What other things motivate your child. What interests your child?

  1. Have a Lot of Options to Choose From

Before you can decide on what type of tutor you want for your child, call your child’s school reading and writing class teacher and share your concerns. Your class teacher will have a record of your child’s previous performance files and knows your child’s strong and weak areas.

You can also talk to friends, check local newspapers to see if there are any available registered tutors who fit the profile of your child’s academic needs. The internet is also a good place to look for a writing tutor for your child. Use keywords like; “find a tutor for my child,”  “looking for reading tutor for hire” etc

  1. Test before Decision

The education of your child is very important. Meet with as many candidates as possible and share your concerns and ask them many questions to find out who will help your child the most.

Before you make a decision on what type of tutor you want for your child, it’s advisable that you carefully check the credentials of the tutor. Also, check on their educational background and teaching experience to determine if he/she can work with the child of your age and ability.

It’s also important to find out how they will evaluate your child’s reading and writing needs.  Find out what means they apply to determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses? Will they use standardized tests, class reports?

To get the most out of the tutor for your child, suggest that you would prefer that the tutor assess the abilities of your child by testing the child individually and also to work hand-in-hand with your child’s teacher to assess the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Where will the tutor do the tutoring from? Some tutors prefer public places like the library or home. What hours will this take place and for how long? Knowing this will help you to make appropriate arrangements.

Find out how much they will charge for their services. Keep in mind that costs will depend on the location and the credentials of the tutor. Most good tutors charge a little more than most average ones. It’s advisable to place value over money if you need your child to receive from the best. Don’t forget to find out if they will prefer payment in cash or check after the tutoring sessions.

One other very important thing; find out their cancellation policies. If for some reasons you are going to cancel the service how much time notice would they prefer.

  1. Expect Positive Results

Once you have agreed on the terms and the tutor starts to work with your child, start the monitoring of your child’s progress. Don’t just leave the whole matter to the tutor. Get the tutor’s advice on the progress.

Get feedback from your child also.  Find out how the child is relating to the tutor. As you continue monitoring the progress, if for some reason you don’t see any changes of improvement in your child, you have every right to terminate this tutor’s services and get another one.

It’s not an easy task to get a good tutor for your child, but it’s worth the search. To make the search easier, talk to your child’s writing and reading teacher to make your search easier. To extend your search, you may talk to friends or check on local newspapers. Don’t forget the internet; it can be an excellent place to look for tutors in your area. Use key-words like “reading tutors in my area,” “looking for a tutor for my child” to pinpoint your search. Your child’s educational foundation is an important thing and worth the effort to get a professional tutor. I wish you the best in your search for a good tutor for your child.

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