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How to Choose An Ideal LMS?

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By the end of 2019, the world was hit by one of the most dangerous viruses to have ever emerged; the COVID-19 Virus. As soon as we entered 2020, the virus grasped the whole world under its claws with nowhere to escape. Even the biggest superpowers like America, Russia, and India started crumbling bit by bit against the virus. No one knew how humanity would thrive, but the one thing we knew was that we would continue living somehow.

It was at that time when the ways of the world changed for good. The corporate world went from a standstill to working again, the education system which was hit the worst started to deliver again, and every other institution that had stopped functioning was functional.

The only commonality between these organizations was that none was calling for an accumulated effort at one place. Everything was running at its own pace but from home. However, how was education possible when sitting at home? A few software companies came up with an idea that had existed for a long time but couldn’t achieve enough spotlight. The use of Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Totara came into existence.

The concept of LMS and online education has existed for a long time but it wasn’t the need of the hour before the pandemic started. As the virus saw its advancement, the world fell into a more dire state and moved closer to the domain of online education using software and softcopies. Seeing this as an opportunity, many software developers came up with new LMS with amazing and exclusive features, and soon the market was flooded with them.

However, choosing an ideal LMS was the main concern. If you are ought to choose an LMS for your use, you need to consider at least two things; the features that it offers and the pricing. It is not always necessary that you will find the features that you desire in the best LMS out there. Sometimes the most underrated software carries the features that you need and in that case, no other LMS would be a better option for you. Before you jump to conclusions, the optimum way to choose an LMS for yourself is by making a list of features that you desire. Once you are done with that, enter the market, do thorough research and shortlist the LMS that offer the features that you are looking for. Once you have shortlisted, compare the pricing and then decide which one to subscribe to. 

The process to find an ideal LMS is not as simple as it looks. Apart from features and pricing, there are various other things that you would have to look into. The reviews are a great help when it comes to choosing an LMS. If you go through the reviews, you will be able to do in-depth research about an LMS and come to know about the facts associated with it. While you go through the reviews, you will learn more about the following points:

  • Usability: To determine if the LMS is user-friendly, you need to check if the features provided by the developers are actually what they describe. If the features are just for show, the usability of the LMS deteriorates.  
  • Reporting: Learning management systems use reports to collect and analyze data. The LMS reports basically help you to monitor what is happening with the training process, where you can make improvements, and how to do it.
  • Reliability: If you are looking for an LMS that is reliable, it means that you are looking for an LMS that does not falter with its features. An LMS which can be accessed anywhere, anytime is a reliable LMS.
  • Customer Support: A major point of concern regarding online education using LMS is that it does come with all sorts of glitches and bugs, and not every time you can fix those by yourself. An LMS having good customer support is an ideal LMS.


If you are looking for the perfect LMS for yourself, there are quite a few factors that need to be considered. Go through the list of features it offers and compare the pricing, usability, reporting, and reliability before you opt for an LMS. Also, look at the reviews to find out more about the LMS’s customer support.

Once you have made your truce with the above-mentioned factors, go for the LMS that fulfills your needs. Doing a thorough analysis and research before investing in an LMS is a crucial step that shouldn’t be ignored. The true nature of an LMS is reflected by what the consumers say about it. What could be a better way to determine the usefulness of an LMS other than reading the reviews? 


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