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How to Cope with a Research Essay on Sociology

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As we have already determined in one of our articles, essay writing helps us develop our critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making. There is no better way to evaluate a student’s unspoken point of view. That is why dozens of essay types have unique purposes, rules, and structures. Love it or hate it, you will have to write hundreds of essays during your academic path. All right, small papers are easy to write. You don’t have to burn the midnight candle, researching the topic and finding primary sources. 

How to Cope with a Research Essay on Sociology 1

But there are also extensive essays that require in-depth research. For instance, research papers on sociology. Not only do they need to be meticulous, detailed, and accurate, but also they have to follow precise structure. If you are assigned to write a sociology research paper, you have two obvious options: to write and not to write it. If you don’t want to handle it, you can always order any research paper for cheap. However, if you aspire to complete it yourself but don’t know what to start with, take a look at the following tips.

Choose a topic ASAP

In case you have the freedom of choice, you can alleviate your writing struggles by selecting a subject you have a knack for. But, make sure you choose a topic in a timely manner. Indeed, you don’t have to define your subject hastily. Make sure, though, you don’t delay or postpone it. Even though you select a tentative topic, it will be better for your further research, and you will be able to modify it whenever you feel the need. 

Paper length

The research paper should conform to some word count, which is defined by your teacher. If you want to deal promptly with your essay and meet all the requirements, you should determine every paragraph’s word count. Many students forget to do that and try to fix that once the paper is done. Consequently, they add redundant sentences, which is unacceptable. Or they stretch their essays, changing the margins, and neglecting the formatting style. All these reflect in a negative grade. Therefore, make sure you meet the minimum paper length beforehand. 

Organize the paper

It goes without saying that essays must be well-organized. Depending on a paper type, you have to embody different items to the essay. For example, speaking of a research paper on sociology, you have to include:

  1. Introduction. In the first paragraph, you should introduce the topic to the reader and define focal points you will further support. Ensure making the introduction clear and explain the research’s importance. Besides, always assume that the target audience knows nothing about your topic. 
  2. Theory. This is an exclusive feature of a sociology research paper. Here, you identify a theory you use within the essay and describe it in two pages. If you want to succeed in defining a theory, you have to divide it into two sections. The first part stands for the fundamental elements of an idea. Remember that credible sources should back your points up. In turn, the second part is responsible for giving a clear picture of how this theory applies to the overall research. 
  3. Main body. Like in every essay, body parts describe points stated in the thesis statement. You can insert subheadings if need be. 
  4. Summary and conclusions. To eliminate any informational vacuum, you should wrap up the most crucial points and summarize the paper. 

Cite all references

Under no circumstance is plagiarism tolerated by educational institutions. Plagiarism is the use of intellectual property without referring to the author of a specific book, article, or journal. This is widely called academic dishonesty. Whether you do it willingly or not, your paper will be rejected and get the lowest grade. Thus, to eschew any signs of intentional or unintentional plagiarism, cite every source you use in the text. And make sure you include parentheses and the bibliography according to the formatting style required by your college. Usually, sociology research papers should follow the ASA (American Sociological Association) formatting style.

Go back to the thesis frequently

To follow a logical line, try to check your thesis from time to time. This will help you avoid unnecessary points that are not stated in the thesis statement. You may even modify it and adjust to a body paragraph’s idea. 

Complete the paper before the due date

Indubitably, students tend to proceed to write papers days or even hours before deadlines. It is our nature. However, if you want to make a research paper unparalleled and peerless, you should write it at least two days before the due date. The reason is simple: impeccable writing takes time, and no one can write a perfect essay in the first sitting. Even though you might think you wrote a faultless paper, it can have minor yet substantial mistakes. 

That is why try to complete the essay and put it away for some time. Then deliberately re-read it, correcting errors and ambiguities. By this, you will make a paper refined and polished to shine. A fresh set of eyes is a great idea. You are free to ask your friends or parents to skim through your work and check whether it has mistakes. Don’t hesitate to follow this strategy, as every error you correct is a correction your teacher can’t make, which means that you increase the chances of getting the highest grade.

In a word

Writing a sociology research paper may well be time-consuming because it requires a unique approach. To accelerate the writing process, you are highly encouraged to use the tips mentioned above. For instance, do not spend too much time on picking a topic. Select the most accurate one and proceed to write the paper. Stick to the widely accepted structure of a sociology research paper. Do not forget to cite all direct and indirect quotations. And try to finish the paper and leave it for several hours, at least. Then take it back, spot concealed mistakes, correct them, and submit it to the professor. Wait for your desired A+ patiently. Good luck!

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