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How To Do Skin Cancer Check With A Smartphone?

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Your smartphone may help you to recognise suspicious marks and moles but you should still see a Dermatologist about your concerns.While skin cancer advice comes most commonly about the brink of Summer,  the skin gets damaged by UV rays no matter what time of the year, and what the weather. At  Skin Cancer clinic, skin cancer has a number of diagnoses every year compared to all other cancers, but early detection would be the difference in a simple removal of a mole or malignant cancer that affects other body parts. 

Skin Cancer check devices and apps claim to help early diagnosis and maintain you on track with regular self-examination. You may take photos of suspicious marks or moles and you can track them on your own or send them to a dermatologist for assessment. In both the ways these apps can be helpful but they have some limitations. So it is important to follow up, to protect yourself from the matter given about what you should know and use the smartphone to detect the skin cancer.

 Know The Facts About Skin Cancer

Every year, doctors diagnose more than 4 million cases of non-melanoma skin cancers in the US. Squamous and basal cell skin cancers develop on the outer skin layers and are very common but they are less harmful than Melanoma. Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer. It forms in the cell responsible for pigmentation of skin called melanocytes. It is an aggressive form of cancer and causes 10000 deaths every year. Even if it is detected early it can be fatal.


Symptoms of the type of skin cancers –

  •     Change in the colour and size of a mole or other spots on your skin.
  •     New growth on the skin
  •     The spread of pigmentation – outside the border of a mole
  •     Old skin sensations like persistent itchiness or tenderness

Skin cancer may be caused due to a large number of factors including exposure to toxic chemicals and genetics, but the clearest connection is that of UV exposure and skin cancer.

How Can Your Phone Help You Spot Skin Cancer? 

Timeliness is an increasing field and skincare is not to be left out for. Over the last several years a handful of skincare detects apps popping up without allowing your skin with a Smartphone and artificial intelligence algorithm.

Some people send photos to Dermatologists for a month, offer instant feedback and others provide helpful reminders about checking your skin on your own, Or during an appointment of a doctor.


 Some of the factors increase the risk of skin cancer and if you have any of such factors, you would benefit from a yearly check-up.


  •     Fair skin, light eyes and red and blonde hair
  •     Skin that burns easily
  •     Family history of any type of skin cancer
  •     History of severe sunburns
  •     History of tanning bed use
  •     Unusual moles or more than 50 moles on the body.

Even though these apps are helpful in some ways it is better for you to seek a professional opinion if you notice any suspicious growth or mole or other warning signs of skin cancer.

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