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How to get more Spotify plays in 2020?

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Spotify is the world’s most significant player in the music industry, an app uniquely promoting music for artists. The app provides an open platform for all musicians to stream music and creates a strong fan base. Spotify beats the old radio and TV show programs as artists can promote their music in different social markets. The channel is a career hub for many musicians in the contemporary music world.

However, Spotify has a hidden mystery, a puzzle hard for many artists to figure out. Many still don’t make it to the top though they produce music.  Artists are struggling with how to get more plays and build an audience or followers. 

Whether you buy Spotify plays or gain them naturally Spotify app requires more effort and investment to give positive results.  Purchasing plays will not determine your success, but a combination of other tricks will get your music to Spotify playlist and reach a large number of people globally. 

How to get more Spotify plays in 2020? 1

Top 5 tips to get more Spotify play today. 

  • Write great and quality songs. 

There is no easy way out if you want your music to reach more fans or play.  The song’s quality determines your success, which will attract the listener’s attention and make them follow your page. Artist music foundation is based on the writing once you make a great song; releasing it is easier, especially on the Spotify app. Fans don’t just follow because of numbers but the quality of music you write.

  • Perfect the music, make it better.

What distinguishes your song from others is perfection after writing.  Ensure the song gets proper recording, don’t be hasty to upload it on the Spotify app. Have professional sound recording, this might sound expensive, but with a small budget, one can perfect their music.  There are online recording studios that provide artists with high-quality recording at very affordable prices. To succeed in Spotify, musicians also have to invest time and resources to make their music known.  Music perfection and proper record give the artist more chances of getting more plays on the Spotify channel. 

  • Upload your music on Spotify

Once you write and perfect your recording, it time to upload your music on Spotify. It might seem hard at first, but you can use the useful tool digital distributor.  These are kind of middle-man connectors; they connect you to the platform and fan.  After releasing the music on the Spotify channel, now you can concentrate on building your fan base.  There are different ways to promote your songs, such as medical social platforms and to buy followers and plays. However, when it comes to purchasing, ensure to get real deals. After which the organic followers will come, and your music will trend. 

  • Spotify for artist

To make most out of the Spotify app, users need to claim their Spotify profile using the Spotify for artist feature.  Claiming the Spotify profile helps use modify your profile with relevant photos, precious bio, and provide upcoming events. This gives your followers a clue on your next move, while the bio and photos attract more audiences.  On Spotify for the artist, you can access mode customized tools and promote your music. You can access analytic tools to view how many plays you have on Spotify, and also you can submit your songs to the playlist.  Artist verified by Spotify for artist account has a blue check a plus for your music as many followers go for the verified artist. 

  • Social media 

Spotify has access to other social media channels; artists can promote their music on other social apps. They can request fans to follow them on Spotify, have a play or follow badge on your social pages, which directly link your Spotify account. Once they press, they can play the music, thus promoting and adding your Spotify plays.  


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