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How to Have a Sensual Conversation with a Person You Know Through an App?

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Ever wondered how to get someone to like you and be attracted to over a text? Being sensual is an art. It is a spicy way to connect with your partner or the person you like. However, it can also boost trust. If you are texting through an app, there are ways to be sensual. 

However, there are some people who might feel embarrassed to do this and might feel like they have to be a sensual goddess to do this. There is a fear that it is going to be awkward and you will have to create an environment that you aren’t used to. Nevertheless, there is no need to think that it is not your thing. You can use a language that you already used to tease or flirt. 

If you want to sound sensual through app texting, here are a few tips that you can try out. 

  • Look for a Specific Source of Information

You can start with some flirty messages and then move on to something more explicit. For instance, you can describe what you are wearing and how sexy you are looking in it when you are texting. This will help you understand if the person on the other side is in the same mood or not. 

Once you are comfortable, start moving the conversation to something explicit. You can take inspiration from anywhere. It can be your experience with the best dating site with Latin girls and guys or a TV show or scene that turned you on. What is the idea that inspired you is completely up to you. 

Remember, there is no right or wrong way. However, since sending suggestive photos might make you feel extremely vulnerable, texting is often the best way to start. 

  • Never Simply Text ‘Hi’

Many people get lazy while texting and sending a ‘Hi’ is the laziest option when it comes to sensual massages. Even if you are trying to prod him and find out if he is around, there are various ways to draw attention to a text. 

Instead, you should give them a response to your text. To start a conversation, you can just send ‘Hello cutie/handsome. Have been thinking about you all night.’

This lets the person know that you are thinking about them and will give them a reason to respond. The whole point of having is to engage in some sexy talks. 

  • Avoid Drinking and Texting

It is not a good idea to text when you are drunk. This can be a tad risky. When you are drunk, you might reach out for your phone feeling adventurous and brave but since you are drunk, you run a higher risk of texting sensual messages to the wrong person. You are only going to regret it in the morning. So, save yourself the embarrassment and keep your phone aside when you are drunk. 

  • Ensure it’s a Two Way Street

Even if you are one that initiates the sexy conversation all the time with your partner, remember that the more engaged both are the better experience it will be. In case you, as well as your partner are new to it, your partner might not be sure how to respond to it. However, this is okay. So, look out if your partner is responding with one-word or emoticons to your texts. You should receive as much as you are giving. In order to engage them, you should use a positive affirmation and it will help in building your partner’s confidence. Experts recommend you to try out the go-to question for getting your partner involved. 

  • Avoid Sensual Conversation During Work

This is a no-barrier tip but you will be surprised to know that there are so many people who try sexting during work. But doing this during work can be risky. In fact, sending sensual messages through an app on your phone can be even riskier. This is something that you shouldn’t ever do. Your workplace can track your phone through Wi-Fi. Surely, you do not want to end up in an awkward conversation with your senior where you have to explain yourself. 

You should also be mindful as to where your partner is. In case she or he is at work or in some area where other people might easily see the text, avoid sending a text that you might regret. 

It might be super-exciting to send explicit messages but do not be overeager by initiating the conversation all the time. You should also let your partner initiate it at times. Let them know how much you like to text them but do not let the text be absolutely one-sided. Also, make sure that you trust your partner.

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