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How to Keep An Eye on All Your Remote Computers?

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Now more and more people are becoming fans of Mac products and moving under the umbrella of IOS. This software attracts its functionality, variety, and convenience. In this article, we will tell you several ways to manage several of your Macintosh computers. 

There are situations when you need to access a remote desktop or several. There are a number of applications that will make it easy. 

How to Keep An Eye on All Your Remote Computers? 1
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The first of such applications – Apple Remote Desktop 3. Very powerful product with many useful features. The software is installed centrally on a PC with Mac OS X. Easily manage all the digital data and build reports on them. You can use the hidden access mode to any remote desktop.

Naturally, you can control all the features of the Mac OS to the fullest. If you need to perform several tasks simultaneously from multiple computers, there is an automation tool that offers you a set of task templates. Each system administrator must have a similar program. For home use, it is quite massive and expensive. 

If we consider simpler programs, we can name TeamViewer. It is a classic of this genre and it is standardly installed by technical support services of various enterprises. The interface of the program is very clear. You simply download the program, install and share your ID address with the person with whom you want to divide control. 

The next remote access system will be VNS (Virtual Network Computing) and you do not even need to download it. It will be enough to go into the system settings and turn on the “General Screen”. If desired, you can set a password for the connection. 

The last program we wanted to focus on is Jump desktop mac. This is the most simplified and affordable program, which does not require you to additional fraud and time. You just install it and go with the help of Gmail. The same thing you do on the rest of your devices and sync them.

The advantages of this product are that it does not show a cumbersome interface and does not take up much space. You will be offered a special circle for hovering the cursor and a large range of additional keys. The system supports several protocols and makes it possible to simulate mouse actions (gesture support). It’s a pleasure to use this application. The only drawback can be called snap to the mail. For a small price, you get really high-quality development, the best of its kind. 

Choose the best! 

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