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How To Pass Time at Work: 20 Cool Ways!


How to pass time at work? What to do when you are bored at work?

This is not just a simple question, but an existential crisis. Especially if you are someone who works in some monotonous field, then boredom will gradually encase your life. The major downside to this is that you don’t feel like going to work.

Most of the employees, while their time away on computers or phones. But every once in awhile, you might bring some color into the dull grey office. Let some sunshine into the mundane cubicle.

Sometimes (especially on Mondays and mid-week days), It can be very challenging to push yourself through the day. Spending time from 9 to 5 can be an arduous task. But this is precisely why you are here.

We have listed some of the new and quirky ways to pass time at work. But we have also added some timeless time killers in the list to make it feasible for all kinds of employees. And, we have added stuff that can be done online and offline.

Here are the most productive (and some cliché) ways to pass time at work.

How To Pass Time at Work

1. Solitaire

The most traditional pass time ever. Solitaire or any kind of card games have been the classic time killer for ages. Your boss plays Solitaire, and the chances are that his boss played it too. This is a workplace tradition.

Somehow, people just don’t get tired or bored looking at cards and flipping them around. On top of this, Microsoft has launched its beautiful solitaire collection. There are many new options available on mobile phones as well.

The newer solitaires can be played online with your friends and even random people around the world. These solitaires have elaborate gameplay with mini puzzles, fancy decks, and online events.

The Microsoft Solitaire has Free Cell and Tri-Peaks too. And of course, they have the classic Solitaire and Spider Solitaire. And they also let you post your achievements on Facebook.

And now, we will answer the most mystifying question ever! Why do people play Solitaire? Click here to know when is the National Solitaire Day and also the scientific answer to the question.

2. Books

When it comes to books, there are numerous ways in which they can help you pass time. The obvious way would be to carry a paperback copy of books that have been on your reading list for a long time.

If you hate to carry big fat books around, you can simply buy an ebook. If you are an avid reader, then you can even invest in a Kindle.

Besides this, some online platforms pay you for reading books. Amateurs and aspiring authors write those books. They pay you for feedback and even proofreading. You can also write book reviews.

3. Write

If you are someone who loves to write poems, stories, or even full-fledged novels, then this is the right time to showcase your talents.

You can utilize the free time at your work in a very positive and creative way. You can start your blog and post essays, articles, or stories. You don’t have to earn money through your blog, do it for yourself. Send your work to your tight circle.

You can also occasionally write for some websites that are looking for amateur writers.

Then there are some online platforms like Wattpad. This an incredible app to portray your storytelling skills. It’s almost a community of aspiring authors. You can read other’s work and get them to read your own.

You can review their books. Then some online magazines publish written work. Mostly they’re lifestyle articles or essays.

4. Take surveys

Seriously, this one of the best ways to pass time at work. Also, this is a fantastic way to earn some extra pocket money (And, who doesn’t want some extra cash for a candy spree?)

You can enroll yourself on several popular websites. Your feedback matters to the brands. Here is a list of trusted online survey websites that pay you for expressing your honest opinions. Click here to view the list of 25 survey platforms.

You can install the Google opinion rewards app or register yourself with multiple survey websites.

If you simply like to answer people’s queries, then you can answer some questions on Quora as well.

5. Music

Music offers several pass times. And the biggest of them is discovering new music. Some people know all the lyrics to songs that we haven’t even heard of.

Maybe you can create personalized remixes or mashups of the songs you like. If you are a music enthusiast, then platforms like Udemy and Yousician offer free vocal and guitar lessons.

Or if you are already a professional musician or singer, you can start your own YouTube channel! Then you can spend the spare time setting and analyzing your channel.

6. Sudoku and Crosswords

If you are still wondering how to pass time at work, then here is the ultimate classic idea to kill time.

This can go either way – online or offline. The chances are that your favorite newspaper has an entertainment page with crossword and sudoku. Some newspapers even offer some prizes to people who complete the puzzle fastest.

Crosswords also enhance your vocabulary and analytical thinking skills. They can be very addictive once you get the hang of the process.

Both the games are available on your computer as well as mobile phones.

7. Memes

Nothing can beat browsing memes on Instagram. You never realize how much time you have spent looking at memes and saving them. Some are so good at finding the funniest memes that they have the potential to become the next big memer.

If you are really into memes, then you can easily create a meme page on Instagram. There are a lot of free templates on the meme generator.

8. Art blogs

By this, I mean either you browse through art blogs and get some inspiration or start an art blog of your own. These are especially useful when you are into art journaling and DIYs. They are very inspiring and help you when you have an artist’s block

Check out some cool art blogs to follow!

9. Pet plant

Because you cannot bring your dog or cat along to your workplace, but you can certainly create a little Zen garden on your desk or cubicle (went a little overboard there). You can adorn it with cute little cactuses or flowering plants.

Remember Gina Linetti from Brooklyn nine-nine created a whole tropical garden on her desk?

But don’t do anything that will encroach your desk too much.

10. Online games

For those who don’t feel the need to be productive, here’s how you can pass time at work.

You can play a variety of games online and offline as well. Some of the obvious choices are chess and checkers. You can also play online scrabble with your Australian pal.

There are poker and other gambling games (but I highly recommend that you refrain from these). Don’t let money spoil your fun.

And if you are a gamer or gaming enthusiast, then you can even review games. There are certain websites and apps where you get paid for playing some games. Again, this is an excellent way to pass time at work and earn some money for those in-app purchases.

11. Social media

This one should have been at the top of the list. But it’s a little too obvious for that. Social media doesn’t even need a briefing or introduction. All of us have at least three to four of these connectivity apps running in the background at any given time.

But you can use it to connect to people and maybe call that aunt you haven’t seen in awhile—FaceTime your pals that you haven’t seen for ages. You can also keep tabs on the latest trends, and of course, you can stalk the celebrities.

If you are someone who likes to keep ahead on the political or economical scenario, then you should have a Twitter account. If you are a fashionista or someone who is into art or DIY, then you must have a Pinterest or Instagram account.

If you are feeling too social, then you can keep streaks on SnapChat.

12. Online communities

This is a more productive alternative to social media. While there are community groups on Facebook, they’re seldom used. So here are some online communities that you can join.

There is Reddit. The most obvious choice. But there are some other communities as well as Happy Tower and Discord.

13. Online Courses

With such intense competition in the modern world, it is essential to keep yourself updated. It is crucial to stay abreast of industry trends. You need to learn new skills and sharpen the existing ones continually.

And all it takes to be upgraded is dedication and a little chunk of your free time. Everyone has a steady internet connection and an email account. So why not go and learn some new skills?

The most popular ones are Business Communication, Cloud computing, and many more such skills that have a high industrial value.

14. Bin Toss

This is where the office supplies and stationery come handy. You can go classic with tossing the paper balls into the trash can.

But don’t waste stationary to waste your time. Use only the waste papers that you have used and don’t need them anymore. Crumble them up and toss the ball right into the bin!

15. Series

You can watch some mini-series like Maniacs or. Then you can continue the series that you were watching on the way to the office. This probably a more contemporary way to pass time at work.

Here is a list of some excellent mini-series that you can catch on Netflix.

16. News and Stock Market

We added the news and the stock market in this list because some of you might be too old to play Candy Crush. And too pragmatic to be involved in DIY and art journals.

This is why you might be interested in knowing what’s going around the world. Some watch the red and green lines go up and down the stock market. And they’re interested in those arrows.

So simply grab some newspapers off the roadside stalls and carry them to your cubicle in style. You can also read the e-newspapers. You can watch the stock market live on your PC as well as the phone.

17. Online shopping

Nothing can beat this pass time! Online shopping includes groceries, cosmetics, toiletries, and of course, clothes.

We all are addicted to buying clothes online. We never seem to have enough clothes. And we just have to have those shoes that we saw on Amazon.

But don’t go shopping around too much or you will be broke.

18. Newspaper and Magazines

These are the timeless time killers that dominated the workplaces before the advent of smartphones. People subscribed to monthly magazines. And almost everyone carried newspapers to their offices.

Some people would read more than two newspapers that, too, in different languages. Some like to go to old school simply because they love the feel of holding a newspaper.

19. Recipes

Brooke Lark

You can plan your dinner as you sit alone in your dull cubicle. You can look for some fancy dinners and giant salads. Then you can pick the ingredients on your way back home.

If you want to go a bit extra, you can send the groceries straight to your home using the grocery apps.

And if you want to plan elegant dinners but you hate to cook, then you can even book a fancy meal on Foodpanda.

20. YouTube

We saved the best time killer for the last. YouTube has an insane amount of videos on any subject. You can go for them as per your mood and requirement.

YouTube has also started YouTube Originals that you can watch for free. There are some famous YouTubers that you need to check out. Then there are TedTalks, which enlighten you about prevailing social issues and much more.

There are life hacks vlogs like BrightSide that give some life and time-saving hacks. There are art vlogs that are simply aesthetic to watch even if you are not into it. Funny videos and pranks that dominate YouTube can be viewed anytime. You can also use a video on How to Pass Time at Work.

So these were some of the comprehensive suggestions on how to pass time at work. You can give your ideas in the comment section below.

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