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How To Purchase a Pup with No Regrets?

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Everyone loves dogs. 

When you get a new pup, there’s some degree of headache involved with the training process, but overall, it’s a cherished time. 

Dogs are man’s best friends and can provide us with years of happiness. But what happens when we have a terrible dog experience? 

It sticks with us.

There are things that can go wrong when purchasing a dog, especially if it’s your first go-round. 

That’s why we’re here to help.

How To Purchase a Pup with No Regrets? 1
We’ve compiled a list of things you should know when looking to add a furry new member to the family. 

Beware of Online Selling Sites

These are sites like Craigslist, Recycler, and others that have similar functionality. For some strange reason, scammers live on these types of websites. They post pictures of highly-sought-after dogs for low prices to bait people in. 

However, people began relating that low price to a scam, so now you’ll see a lower price than the average price, but not dirt cheap. 

What’s going to happen when you contact one of these ads? Well, you’ll go through the usual small talk, and then they’ll give some story about how they’re out of town for some reason or another. 

Then, they’ll offer to send the dog through the airline after payment, but if you send the payment, chances are you’ll never see the dog. 

Contact Breeders that Specialize in Specific Breeds

If you’ve been scammed before and reach out to a breeder, you still need to be cautious. Some breeders don’t breed in acceptable ways. They might cross-breed the lines and end up with inbred puppies or operate their breeding site like a puppy mill. 

Purchasing a puppy from one or even both of these situations can result in a hard to train puppy. If you have a puppy that’s left in a crate for most of their upbringing, that’s all they know and most likely soil themselves in that crate. 

Dogs don’t typically do this, but when they’re raised like this, it’s a habit that’s hard to break—if they can break it at all.

Ask to See Pictures of Mom and Dad

One thing about puppies is that they’re outrageously cute. But though they’re cute when they’re small, what happens when they get bigger? 

Some people sell dogs trying to pass them off as other breeds or smaller versions of their own particular breed. 

That’s why it’s essential to ask to see pictures of the mom and dad. This way, you have a decent idea of what the pup will look like once the puppy phase passes. 

Take the Puppy to the Vet Together 

Any breeder or person who sells the pup should be open to visiting the veterinarian to confirm that the puppy is in good health. 

Maybe you’ve seen your local news covering stories about people selling sick puppies? It happens all the time, and it’s devastating to the families who have to see the pup pass. 

You have to be especially careful of pet stores in this case because parvo is very contagious and can pass from pup to pup very quick. 

Visit the Pup First and Assess Their Temperament

We all want a pup that fits in with our lifestyle. Honestly, many people neglect this part of the process and either end up with a high-energy dog that drives them crazy, or an aggressive dog that might end up biting. 


So, if possible, try to visit with the pup a couple of times to make sure they’re a good fit because there’s nothing worse than not wanting your dog after you’ve brought them home.


Patience, Patience, and More Patience


Once you’ve taken all of the steps to ensure you’ve purchased a good pup, you’ve got to get over the training hump. 


Not to mention, puppies have ridiculous amounts of energy! 


What are you going to do to keep your cool? How you handle your puppy’s mistakes will affect their future behavior as well.


If you hit them for making a mistake or yell at them, you can cause anxiety and other behavioral issues. You need something to help you keep your cool, and CBD is up for the job. 


All you need to do is take a few drops from a CBD tincture in the morning, and you’ll set a baseline of patience that will help you train your pup with balance and fairness. CBD oils provide full-body relaxation, and they curb anxiety and stress as well—all the things our new furry friends can bring our way. 


Training can take a while, but it’s got to be done right so you both can live a harmonious life together. It can take up to two years for some breeds, so keep that in mind when you’re settling on a breed. 

Things To Remember 

Buying a new pup is an exciting time—you’re adding a new member to your family. 

Use these tips to ensure that a happy experience doesn’t quickly go the other way, and you end up looking for ways to rehome the pup. 

Most importantly, take your time. Don’t rush into the purchase, and don’t let the seller pressure you (that’s a bad sign most of the time, too). 

You and your new pup will have years of valuable time to build memories, you simply need to take all the necessary steps to find the right one. 

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