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Top 30 Productive Ways on How To Spend Time Without the Internet

how to spend time without the internet

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Wondering how to spend time without the Internet? Ever since smartphones became popular, we are plugged into our phones more than connecting them to the socket. It’s more like we need to unplug from the devices to recharge ourselves of the endless browsing on the Internet. Should we blame the smartphones or the Internet or social media or ourselves for disconnecting from the real world?

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I don’t see a problem with having a smartphone and browsing on the Internet. But, it’s social media and the urge to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in other’s lives that is messing us up. The World Wide Web can undoubtedly be called the Web that drags us to the bottomless digital hole.

Here are the top 30 tips on How to Spend Time Without the Internet

If you’ve been planning to take time off from the Internet, but are clueless about how to spend your day, then you’ve come to the right place. With the Internet and devices taking over everyone’s lives, here are the top 30 ways on how to spend time without the Internet to get in touch with your real selves.

1. Keep Your Mind Off by Journaling

Journaling is a great way to keep a check on your health and productivity.  If you’ve decided to go on a digital detox, nothing could ever be better than starting a bullet journal. It helps you keep track of your goals. It unleashes your creative side and stops you from procrastinating. That said, you must keep your journal up-to-date and not stop after a couple of days.

2. Upskill Yourself

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There are plenty of skills out there to learn. No, you do not need the Internet at all. Painting, gardening, sewing, baking, and more. These will help you in life immensely. Every individual needs to learn specific necessary life skills in life. Though there are many courses on the Internet, if you’re planning to spend time without it, then these are your go-to.

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3. Prepare your Favorite Meal

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Here is another way on how to spend time without the Internet. Cooking is one of the best things to keep you busy. Playing with the spices and ingredients can keep your mind off of social media. To be an expert in cooking, it does take time, but if you’re interested in it, then why not give it a try.

4. Surround Yourself with Books

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Libraries are the treasure trove of knowledge. Though the Internet is taking over it, nothing can ever replace sitting in a library with the smell of books. It’s an entirely different feeling altogether. Grab a book of your favorite genre and start reading. You might even end up taking the membership in no time. It’s a perfect way on how to spend time without the Internet.

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5. Unleash your Creative Side

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Doodling is a great stress-buster. If you’ve been busy with work and want to take time off, then doodling can help you relax. Art therapy eases your mind and also keeps you busy. Get creative, grab a pen, and a white sheet, and start right away. Trust me; you’d be amazed by your work in the end.

6. Bury your Head in Reading Novels

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Another way on how to spend time without the Internet is to read books. If you’ve been putting off reading that book, you’ve repurchased a long time; then it’s the time to pick it up from your shelf and start reading. You can also buy them from your nearby store and binge-read them. Once you get the hang of reading books, you would like to read more of it.

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7. Decorate your Living Room

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Bring in a new glow to your living room by coming up with ways to make it better. You can buy the LED lights from a nearby store and light up your room. You can also prepare a wall-hanging using your old photos. These are some of the simple ways on how to spend time without the Internet.

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8. Declutter your Clothes

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Another tip on how to spend time without the Internet is to declutter. If you’ve always been postponing to clear that messy wardrobe, then you’ve got plenty of time to do that now. Filter out the ones that you don’t need anymore and organize them. Whether it’s your wardrobe, your kitchen, or your storeroom, clean up the mess.

9. Indulge in Wall Painting

There’s no need to know painting, and you’re not going to ruin the wall either. You can simply write meaningful quotes or the ones that you live by on the walls to remind yourself every day. Something like a graffiti art or plain writing. You can also do minimalistic paintings. It’s one way on how to spend time without the Internet.

10. Groove to your Favorite Song

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Turn up the speakers and dance like nobody is watching you even if you don’t know how to. You can even enroll yourself in a nearby class and head there every evening to learn some cool moves. There’s no age bar to learn how to dance, so it’s another best way on how to spend time without the Internet.

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11. Go to a Nearby Cafe

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If you’re someone who doesn’t like to be alone anywhere you go, then it’s the right time to get that thought off your mind. Go to a cafe, grab a cup of coffee, and order your favorite meal. It’s liberating, and you will love it. If you’ve done this plenty of times, well now it’s without scrolling on your Instagram feed endlessly to beat the anxiety. It’s the best way on how to spend time without the Internet.

12. Watch Sunsets

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If you love capturing sunsets, well this time, keep your device aside and watch it. Capture the changing hues of the sky in your brain and enjoy the cool breeze and the beauty of nature. Get in touch with yourself and nature. While most of the time, we require devices to capture moments, it’s not always necessary, which is how to spend time without the Internet.

13. Contribute to your Society

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If you’re not the part of a social group, then engage yourself in bringing changes by being a part of a local orphanage. It takes your mind off social media, plus you’re doing something beneficial to the betterment of your community. Get in touch with them and lend a hand. It’s another way on how to spend time without the Internet.

14. Start Tutoring

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If you’re fond of teaching, share your knowledge with the kids around you. Start a tutoring session for an hour or so for the kids in your neighborhood. One of the best ways on how to spend time without the Internet. It need not be related to the curriculum; you can teach them something fun like painting or organize a storytelling session. Or you can simply play with them.

15. Go for a Long Walk

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Walks are always amazing. Plugin your earphones, and go for a long walk in the park or your neighborhood. Best would be to keep your mobile phone aside and watch what is happening around. The cool breeze and the birds chirping feels good to hear. Connect with your surroundings. It is another way on how to spend time without the Internet.

16. Watch an Old Classic Movie

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There are a few classics that never get old. Re-watch them or download a bunch of movies beforehand and watch. Here is how to spend time without the Internet. There’s something fabulous about the good old movies. Instead of binge-watching Netflix series, watch the masterpieces. Pick up a genre of your choice, grab your popcorn, and go back in time.

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17. Grab a Magazine

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Magazines are never outdated. Pick up the latest ones and read them. You can also engage in reading newspapers if you’ve been keeping yourself updated with news apps. There are comic books too, which is another way on how to spend time without the Internet. Print media is still out there, where you get an ocean of knowledge about the latest happenings.

18. Practice Mind-body Awareness

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It’s another great way on how to spend time without the Internet. While we’re busy with the devices and the hustle-bustle, it is essential to re-energize and calm your soul, now that you’ve enough time, practice yoga, and make it a part of your lifestyle. Yoga and meditation help you immensely in relaxing.

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19. Enroll in a Martial Arts Class

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There are plenty of things you will learn while learning this sport. You learn discipline, and it trains you to be tough physically and mentally too. Apart from learning a new skill, you will be learning ways to keep yourself in form, and also, it’s a great self-defense tactic. Having a skill that keeps you in control will help you come out of the internet zone.

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20. Play Indoor Games

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Indoor games are forgotten at present. It’s more of playing with smartphones and computers at home. There are a few interesting games that you can play at home and have a fun night with your family or catch up with your friends in the evening for a board game. Board games help you connect with your near and dear ones largely.

21. Go Cycling with your Friends

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Cycling is always liberating. Riding a bicycle to a nearby hilltop has got its perks. Be it alone or with friends; it’s an amazing feeling altogether. Go on a short trip and watch the sunset, chirping of the birds, and the beauty of nature. It’s a fun and leisure activity. Cycling is always one of the best recreational activities.

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22. Head to the Mall

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There are tons of things to do in a mall. You can go there for either shopping or people-watching. Malls are always a fun and lively place to be at. You can also talk to strangers and learn the art of spontaneous communication and have a pleasant evening. It is one of the ways on how to spend time without the Internet.

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23. Relive Old Memories

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Go through your old albums. You can even prepare a timeline of your journey so far and frame it. Organize your photos or be creative and make a collage of all the best ones. Gift your close friend/family, a handmade photo frame, or yourself. It’s another way on how to spend time without the Internet.

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24. Do a Complete Makeover

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You can either transform your hair for a bold look or change your style. Check out the latest fashion trends in a nearby store, try each one of them and find the one that best suits you. Buy the type you’ve never worn before. Start a new journey with a complete makeover. Another way on how to spend time without the Internet.

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25. Or Do a Complete Makeover of your Backyard

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There are a few cheap DIY backyard makeover ideas to make your backyard look beautiful than before. It’s an activity that keeps you occupied and gets your mind off the Internet. Allocate a week in refurbishing your backyard as its another way on how to spend time without the Internet.

26. Craft a Dreamcatcher

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Here is how to spend time without the Internet. There’s always something fascinating about dreamcatchers, so why not try making them. Buy the necessary supplies from an arts and crafts store and do it. It can also be quilling with the colorful paper strips. It’s a way to test your patience and also be attentive.

27. Bake a Cake

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Baking is always fun. Instead of going to a pastry shop, prepare your favorite cake with the basic ingredients at home. Bring in a new twist if you already know how to. You can also prepare cookies, chocolates, or brownies. Surprise your family with your baking skills, or prepare one for their birthday instead of buying giving it a personal touch.

28. Record a Song

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Whether you’re a bathroom singer or know actual singing, this is the time to record your songs or learn to sing. Try to learn the song that you play on the loop to perfection, or you could write your lyrics. You can write poems or quotes too. Pen down your thoughts. It’s another best way on how to spend time without the Internet.

29. Write your Heart Out

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Organize your thoughts and get clarity by writing what you feel. It soothes your mind. Writing always refreshes you, and when you write your heart out, the pent up stress is alleviated. Writing is powerful, so pour your thoughts in your diary, or start writing a diary. Diaries are a great way to reflect on yourself, which is one way on how to spend time without the Internet.

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30. Improve your Knowledge

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Numerous puzzle games require plenty of time to solve. They test your thinking skills and can also be a fun way to spend time. Puzzles are intriguing, improves your logical thinking, and helps you solve problems easily. You can also improve your vocabulary by solving crossword puzzles.

While these are some of the ways on how to spend time without the Internet, you can always engage in these activities if you limit yourself from excessive use of the Internet. These are the day-to-day activities that can be incorporated with the apt usage of the Internet.

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