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How to Use Your Dry Herb Vaporizers

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Although there are different kinds of dry herbs vaporizers, they all work the same as they have the same components: chambers or ovens, batteries, and mouthpieces. Some vaporizers have different quirks and features but are still used the same way as most dry herbs vaporizers.

Dry herbs vaporizers work by heating the product you put in your chambers until it becomes a vapour that you inhale. The product must only be dried flower or plant matter. There are other vaporizers for wax, shatter, crumble, and CO2 extracts. By vaporizing your weed instead of burning and smoking it, your drag becomes smoother and less odorful. More so, you get to avoid carcinogens that arise from combusting the product.


How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

  • Grinding your herb

It’s essential to grind the herb first before you vaporize it and start inhaling. You want it to be well-ground and fine so the heat can reach more surface areas of the weed, and the cooking would be consistent.

  • Filling the chamber

Open your oven or chamber to load the ground terpenes or cannabinoids using a tiny scoop, a small funnel, or a tiny scoop. Don’t fill your chambers to the brim. For conduction vaporizers, you should start with a loose pack and then you can pack the ovens tightly after some time, but for convection vaporizers, you need to loosely pack them so air can flow through the chambers and the dry herbs would be cooked evenly. If you’re someone who has to be on-the-go and take your vaporizer to someplace, you may want to use furna for a vaporizer. Their ovens are easily detachable and swappable. So if one load is not enough or if you’re thinking of switching to different products in one go, furna offers colour-coded nibs you can preload and swap any time.

  • Powering on the vaporizer

Power your vaporizers on to start the heating. Make sure they’re charged. It would take about over a minute or just 10-15 seconds for the vaporizer to heat up before you can begin to use it. The waiting time depends on the features and size of your device. More so, different temperatures can produce different types of potency in flavours. For some, lower temperatures produce smoother and more flavorful hits. On the other hand, high temperatures provide more powerful effects and thicker clouds.

  • Taking a hit

After the device is properly heated up, you can then take a hit by placing your lips over your device’s mouthpiece and inhaling steadily and slowly. To help push the vapour into your lungs, take a small breath of air. Wait for about a second or two before you exhale. Continue taking hits until you are satisfied with its effects. Conduction vapes will keep burning the dry herb even when you’re not inhaling since heat is still in direct contact with your herb. It’s best to take shorter breaks every after hits.

  • Turning it off

After your session is done, power off your device and let your vaporizer cold down before storing or cleaning it.

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