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How to Understand A Girl by The Choice of Her Books?

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A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,very aptly said the illustrious George R.R. Martin.

Reading is a transcendent experience, where we forget the physical world and take a journey into the fantastical world of imagination. It is a source of joy like no other, enhancing, entertaining and educating the mind simultaneously. Before the technological revolution took over, pouring over books was the only way to educate onself. Thus, it was not uncommon to see the protagonists of our beloved works of literature reading for their heart’s pleasure, often having a reading list to help them remember the ones they hadn’t read yet. Indeed, one must not judge a book by its cover but, a lot can be judged about a person who reads a particular book.

  1. The Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steel and Cecila Ahern books-
Nocholas Sparks
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These are the girls who believe in and are looking for the-happily-ever-afters. Love is a common thread running in these works, and love is what they want- that perfect story, with equal parts of the roller coaster moments and the tear jerking moments. Complications are a part of life, but these romantics want a heartwarming end to all the obstacles thrown in the “course of true love that never did run smooth”.

2.  The Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and A Song of Fire and Ice series-

Harry Potter books
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Magic, fantasy and dragons! These girls are dreamers, who like to embark upon a phantasmagorical ride with their fantastical imagination. They believe in a miraculous alternative world, cleverly hidden in the ordinary and the mundane. A life filled with thrills and adventure like the ones they read in these books is their biggest dream. They are not necessarily cynical, but who wouldn’t love a dash of magic in one’s life!

3.  The Haruki Murakami, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Salman Rushdie books-


Magic Realism, the mantra is magic realism. The girls who read a Murakami or a Marquez or a Rushdie love to exercise their brain. These books are a delight for those who like to leave something for their imagination. They like to observe and interpret, and not be told pedantically that this is this and that is that. They are on a solitary quest for meaning and purpose. The ‘gaps’ or unexplained details in these books are what make them appealing to these seekers of meanings.

4. The Diary of a Young Girl, Wings of Fire, My Experiments with Truth-


Truth is often stranger than fiction. That is what reading these books is all about- to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. The fact that these are real stories, stories of success or struggles or sorrows indicates that these girls do not want anything sugar-coated. The world may be ugly and hopeless sometimes, but these girls believe in that silver lining in the grey cloud or the light at the end of the tunnel. They are looking for strength and inspiration and how to persevere.

5. Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre-

Pride and Prejudice book cover
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Agreed, modern technology has made life much easier, but it also has its downside. Girls who read these books are the ones who revel in the glories of the past. They are not exactly unhappy with the present; they just feel the past was a much better time. The writing of letters, balls and men so chivalrous that they make your knees wobble, say like a Mr.Darcy, are alluring to them. They believe in the simple joys of the ordinary family life, in the magic of the everyday.

6.  The Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and Isaac Asimov books-


Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

Here are the girls who love a fair share of mystery. They are keen, observant and intuitive owing to the books they read, since the answers in a good detective novel or a science fiction lay in the finer details. They are intelligent and quick-witted and can read a person with the same ease they read a book. No lie or foul play escapes these girls with a sharp eye for the unusual. You are dealing with an expert, so beware of double crossing her!

7.  The Canterbury Tales, War and Peace and Ulysses-


Ok. These are girls who are in love with literature and are extremely well read. They are most likely to know the ins and outs of hundreds a book and can critically analyse and appreciate them. Owing to the extensive reading, she is likely to be a great judge of character, extremely intelligent and can use crazy-long words with panache. These girls love their solitude and a quiet atmosphere. Therefore, there are awkward silences with them.  Chances are, she is going to be annoyed if you make the slightest sound when she is in her happy place with the books.


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