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How Unique is Your Social Security Number?

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If you’re planning to continue your career or completely stay in the United States, then it is important for you to have your Social Security Number. Be it the citizens of the United States, permanent residents who are staying there, or temporary working residents – it is important for all of them to have an SSN. But then, what is this SSN and how does it work?

How Unique is Your Social Security Number? 1
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What is SSN?

A Social Security Number, a.k. An SSN is a unique 9-digit number that is assigned everyone who is staying in the United States. This 9-digit number is issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA), an independent agency that is a part of the US Government. You may wonder how to get your SSN? Getting your SSN is now made simple – log in to my Social Security web portal, fill in the SS-5 form, submit all necessary documents along with your filled in the application.

The key purpose of this unique number is to keep the identity of the people unique and to track them for Social Security purposes. Also, this number is used to get a job for you and to avail Social Security benefits that are offered by the government. Every individual must have this card to get their job, government services, and other social security benefits.

Understand the Uniqueness of Your SSN

The 9-digit SSN is unique, but do you know about the origin of the SSN? Or have you wondered how unique is your SSN?

The SSN is not assigned randomly or consecutively. This means that the first SSN card did not have the lowest number and the recently assigned SSN card did not have the highest number in the series. To make it simple, Social Security Numbers are assigned to people based on the regions they are staying, and also, they are assigned in batches.

Till now, the SSN has been assigned in 400+ million – and each one has an entirely different sequence. The SSN is divided into 3 parts namely,

  • Area Numbers
  • Group Numbers
  • Serial Numbers

Area Numbers – The first 3 digits in the SSN refer to the state in which the person resides or from the State from which the applicant has applied for the SSN card. For infants, the first 3 digits depict the state or place in which the baby was born.

Group Numbers – The next 2 digits in the series depict the group number, which is used to differentiate the SSNs that have the same area number. The group number includes a sequence of numbers that range between 01 to 99.

Serial Numbers – The last 4 digits in the SSN define the serial numbers. It runs consecutively with the range 0001 to 9999.

Once you’re above the age of 18 and planning to get your job, the first step to be done is to get your SSN card. If the procedure to get your Social Security Number seems to be daunting, you can seek the help of an agency or the customer care, who would help you to apply for your SSN.

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