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How We Can Change Our Lifestyles to Help the Planet? 

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Climate change and global warming are huge topics that have been studied extensively by scientists. Yet, many people are unaware of the fairly simple lifestyle changes they could make to play their part in bringing this worrying issue under control. 

Walking or Cycling More

There is no doubt that cars and other types of motorized transport cause a great deal of the pollution that leads to global warming. This 2014 report from the Union of Concerned Scientists suggests that cars and trucks make up about a fifth of all the carbon emissions in the US, pumping out around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide for every gallon of gas that is consumed.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency confirmed in 2021 that the transport sector now makes up close to 28% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and that it has seen a greater increase in absolute terms than any other area between 1990 and 2018. Various clean vehicle laws around the planet should help to reduce this over time, but what can be done in the meantime? 

Walking and cycling are two of the best methods of getting around that have no negative impact on the environment. At least 30 minutes of walking each day is also recommended for health purposes, as it helps to lower blood pressure, strengthen bones, and burn up to 100 calories in a mile.

Buying Local Products

The way that we can now buy products from all over the world so easily is definitely interesting, but what is the true cost of getting hold of exotic fruits and vegetables or products that are out of season where we live? Food miles is the term used to explain the impact of shipping food long distances.

This BBC report informs us that flying food generates carbon emissions that are ten times as high as the amount road transport generates, and 50 times greater than shipping the goods would cause. In fact, food is responsible for about a quarter of all heavy goods traffic miles covered in the UK.

Creating your herb garden or vegetable patch at home is even better than buying locally, as you get fresh food and there and no food miles involved at all. As for other types of products, the Green Business Bureau site suggests using Facebook Marketplace, the Freecycle Network, and Nextdoor to find local options when looking for new or used goods.

Using More Home Entertainment Options

Advances in technology have allowed us to stay at home and enjoy many of the same types of entertainment that we used to have to go out to obtain. Whether it is streaming a music concert, watching a new movie, or visiting a museum, the number of virtual alternatives around is now impressive. What about trying to get out of an online escape room in your spare time? Or researching the songs you most like to sing along with?

This also applies to playing games, with the online casinos giving an example of a selection of live dealer games that help to create a genuine casino atmosphere at any time of day or night. They include the likes of Live Caribbean Stud Poker, Super Sic Bo Live, and Live Infinite Blackjack, where a human dealer carries out their role as they are live-streamed onto your screen. 

Another home entertainment option worth exploring is that of starting a new hobby. You can take a course on just about anything online these days, from cooking to calligraphy and from yoga to playing an instrument. You could even come up with a title for your own book and then write it.

Reducing Waste and Recycling

The latest figures from the World Bank state that we produce over 2 billion tons of municipal solid waste each year, with a least a third of that amount not handled in a way that is environmentally friendly. Thankfully, there are numerous sensible ways to reduce your waste without it having a huge impact on your lifestyle. One idea that has gained a lot of support in recent years has been that of recycling more.

The Recycling Bins website says that British households generate more than 26 million tons of waste every year, with only 12 million tons of that amount being recycled. One of the easiest ways to avoid waste is to use reusable water bottles and objects of this type where possible. You should also look to use recycling bins correctly, to minimize the amount of waste that goes to the landfill site.

A slightly more advanced idea is to compost in your yard. Up to a quarter of household waste can be used in this way, with fruit and vegetables, leaves, and eggshells all among the items that you can use, getting in return some great compost that you could use to grow your own vegetables more easily.

Any of these changes will have a positive impact on the planet without any hassle. You should also find that most of them are enjoyable and make you feel better about your lifestyle.



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