Icy Tales Collaborates With Hashtag 2016

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Icy Tales Collaborates With Hashtag 2016 1
Icy Tales collaborates with Mithibai College and Harkisan Mehta Institute of Media, Research & Analysis to support the inception of a new media festival – Hashtag International Media Festival. It is a unique fair for the spectrum of talent that has risen in the field of media.
The fest would encourage students to experiment with the multiple faces of journalism and digital creativity. The events scheduled on 15th, 16th and 17th February, 2016 would bring together realms of speakers, performing artists, eminent personalities and participants to interchange and boost their mode of  expression in media.
Hashtag ’16 would deals with the faculties of fine arts, cinema, performing arts, literary art, photography, and much more to empower the youth. Icy Tales flaunts its forte in the department of Literary Arts. D-days of the fest would see Icy Tales regulate two events: Journalism of Courage and Quiver of Quills.
As the name suggests, Journalism of Courage anticipates a bold attack on the social contingence of present affairs. The event stands to hone the  skills of insightful and compelling storytelling to generate enough power that shall echo a cause through the masses to generate live interest and interactive awareness.
Quiver of Quills is an event for content writers. The best man, or woman, wielding a precise expression of ideas and clarity of concept in words shall rise as the winner of the event.
Owing to aura of the fest, a flood of participants have already lined up. Hashtag’16 and Icy Tales have begun accepting entries for Journalism of Courage and Quiver of Quills.  All that’s left is to shift gears and run Hashtag 16 to success.

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