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6 inch Long Skeleton – Human or…?


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The 6-inch skeleton – Human or…?

For those of you who were convinced that a newborn baby was the smallest of all humans, you were probably wrong. Some curious “lookers” have found a skeleton that is 6 inches long with a weird head and ten ribs. It looks like an infant but is not; it might be an alien, but it is not. So what is it?

A man named Oscar Muñoz found the remains of the strangest humanoid near an abandoned church in the ghost town of La Noria. Many initially speculated that the remains were from premature birth or a miscarried fetus, though others disregarded the whole thing as a hoax. The Atacama Desert is one of the aridest regions on the planet and would allow a biological material to preserve incredibly well. The skeleton is called the ATA, and it got its name from the Atacama Desert.



Scientists say:

The size of the skeleton was new but what really grabbed the attention of scientists was its peculiar skull. It was a long elongated skull, unlike the human skull. The skull indicated that the organism could have had turricephaly, which gives the head a cone-shaped appearance. It had ten ribs instead of a standard 12 ribs of humans. The jawline, too, had a very odd shape, and many believed that it could be the skeleton of an alien.

Scientists were allowed to study Ata via x-rays, CAT scans, and genetic sampling. They found that it had remains of lungs and heart in the chest cavity. Surprisingly, 9 % of the DNA tests did not match the human genome reference.

One thing that was cleared was that ATA was not an infant. It had mature teeth, and the bones were well developed. The leg bones were as developed as a 6-7-year-old kid. So it was definitely not an infant but then a 6-7-year-old kid just 6 inches long…how?

 A pinch of spice to the mystery:

People have reported incidents where they spotted unnatural lights and UFOs in the sky. There have also been unconfirmed reports telling of similar humanoids being kept alive and studied in undisclosed locations.

We might be totally wrong about our theories, but what if we have aliens living among us? What if we are the aliens in reality?



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