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5 India Fashion Trends to Follow this Summer


Summers don’t just mean heat, sweat and long days; Summers mean beaches, weddings, and fashion too.

Here are some latest Indian trends you can follow this summer.

Printed Kurtis

Kurtis are a girl’s all time favorite and the cotton ones can bring a lot of peace in the scorching heat. Pair them up with denim shorts and you are ready for a casual outing with friends or team them up with leggings and you are good to go for a formal meeting.


Maybe we will move on from stripes someday, but not anytime soon. Stripes are all over 2017, and for good. anything, literally anything looks better with stripes. be it Kurtas, shirts or Saris, stripes have them all covered.


Slits are hot this summer. Kurtas with slits; dresses with slit sleeves, lehenga blouse with floor length slits- Easy ways to dress up.


dupattas and scarfs not only protect you from the harsh sunlight, they make you look fabulous too. Scarfs are hot this summer, especially the heavily embroidered ones. Simple Kurta, elegant scarf, and shades will give you the chic look.




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